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There are three categories of skills. There is Arms, which has to do with, you know, weapons and shit. There is Grace, which has to do with social-fu. And there is a third category which is about movement.

There are three things you can do to other characters (and have done to yours) which makes some skills inaccessible. You can Disarm, which cancels out Arms. There is Disgrace, which cancels out Grace. And there is... Dis-something, which cancels out the third "movement" category.

It would be very cool if I could find a dis- word that would fit the same pattern that the other two do. Right now, all I have is:

a) calling the movement category "Courage" and making the maneuver "Discourage." Which sort of works, but is not satisfying me right now.
b) calling the movement category "Unbound" and making the maneuver "Bind." This is clearer, but reverses the prefix convention of the other two.
c) relying on Story Games to suggest a word pair that works and is obvious after the fact and makes me think I was stupid for not thinking of it myself.



  • Able and Disable?
  • Place and Displace?

    Placement being the end product of movement, and if you've had your movement impaired, you've lost control over your placement. At least, that's my reasoning.
  • locate & dislocate
  • I had a quick look on Tip of My Tongue, but only got as far as 'A'.

    Animate and disanimate?

    I also got some 'de' words for you.

    Activate and deactivate.
    Accelerate and deccelerate.
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    Appear and Disappear?
    Orientation and Disorientation?

    Charge and Discharge?
  • To slightly modify Simon:

    Ability and Disable
  • Place and Displace
  • Locate & Dislocate, as well as Place & Displace, are my favourites.

    Do you want to talk about the setting/premise/etc at all, to help us out? What are the skills used for? (moving! duh.)
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    Maneuver and Immobilize.

    EDIT: Or if it must be a "dis" word, "Discomfit"
  • "Cover" (hide) and "Discover" (find)
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    Do you want to talk about the setting/premise/etc at all, to help us out? What are the skills used for? (moving! duh.)
    Swashbuckly action, mostly. Lots of fencing and reparteé.

  • Most of the the best I have found are un- rather than dis-.

    Balance and Unbalance.
  • Interesting challenge:
    * Your two existing skills are a nouns.
    * Your two existing actions are verbs.
    * You have already allowed a change of the nounal form to accommodate the verbal (Arms drops S to become Disarm).
    :: You need a noun that has a "dis-" prefixed verb antithesis.

    Of the ideas so far:
    * Place v Displace, Locate v Dislocate, and others are verb v verb. Not parallel.
    * Balance and Unbalance work great on the parts of speech front, but balance doesn't carry as much of a movement connotation as a stillness connotation. To me.

    So with all that, as kludgy as it sounds, I'd go with Lance's "Ability v Disable".
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    To capture the fencing/footwork aspect:

  • ...or, to follow David's point about parallelism: orientation, disorient.
  • Perhaps:

    Passion / Dispassion or Ease / Disease
  • How about just: "Manuever / Outmaneuver"
  • Convenience - Disconvenience
    Charge - Discharge
    Power - Disempower
    Heart - Dishearten
    Interest - Disinterest
    Invitation - Disinvite
    Mayhaps - Dismay
    Spirit - Dispirit
    Pose - Dispose
    Stance - Distance
    Wont - Diswont
  • Posted By: Charlie GilbHow about just: "Manuever / Outmaneuver"
    Hm, that's tasty. Not a dis-, but rather clear.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys. I'm not sure yet what I'll use, but this has been very helpful!
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    Got it! What about:


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