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Hey Everyone,

You may know me from such message boards as Story Games and formerly of Knife Fight. I have like many of you been working on a game and am now looking for people interested in Playing it.

The Catch is I need feedback, and Want Cold Start (ie you receive the text as is, with no additional notes or hints on how to make it happen) experiences .

If you interested, you can post here (I am also cross posting this at various other sites if you think your cred will be damaged for showing interest in a lowly playtest and want to post you acclaim somewhere else feel free.) or you may email me at The Game document wont be ready for a few weeks (trust me its time well spent) and while the aim is to make it readable and playable obviously, I'm not sweating the layout at this point in time.

The Game itself is a modular attempt at a space opera/firefly type game. It uses d6's and pools of dice and successes and what not. Play testers/groups interested in multiple sessions/etc are especially welcome. This is of course Pro- Bono or Pro Funno as I like to call it.

To recap.

Need Playtests for a Cold Read
Sign up here or at
Game is a firefly type game.

Thanks again
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