Cross-Game Comparison of Stat Increases

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Hello Story Games, which of these do you think is the biggest improvement:

a) In a Wicked Age: getting a stat from d10 to d12 (you roll dice of two stats against opponents' two stat dice, highest individual dice score wins, basically)

b) in Shell Shock (or similar dice pool game): improvement from 4d6 to 5d6 (you roll your dice pool, each dice coming up as 4, 5 or 6 is a success, the side with more successes wins)

c) in Dust Devils, increasing a stat from 4 to 5 (you draw cards according to two selected stats and pick the best possible poker hand, the player with best hand wins).

Please explain your choice. I'm curious.


  • I'm curious as to why you want to know. It doesn't really matter between games, it's what happens in games that matters.
  • Well, I was just thinking about whether a bigger dice in IAWA is a huge advantage or not. I couldn't make my mind up what I thought about it. I mean, we've played IAWA four or five sessions now and I still don't have a firm intuitive grasp of the relative advantages of bigger dice. In contrast I feel that I've got a good idea of that in most dice pool games. Any similar or differing experiences?
  • These are all very different things and so hard to compare:
    a) raises you average by 1 point but more importantly With a d12, you can score 11 and 12 which can't be matched by a d10, and you've got a 1/6 chance of doing that.
    b) gives you an extra 1/2 a success on average
    c) gives you an extra card (no idea what that means in percentage terms)
  • If it was an easily quantifiable question, there would be no need to ask. What do your instincts say, Steve? If we imagined that the result of a win in a check was the same in those systems.

    d) They seem pretty much equal

    is a fair answer to my question as well.
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