[Danger Patrol Hack] My notes for Action Squad!

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Action Squad
A Danger Patrol Hack about Kicking Ass and Chewing Bubblegum*
*Gum not included.

Action Squad is the super elite team, sent in to deal with all the tough jobs no one else can deal with. This hack will ultimately try to emulate all my favorite action movies on the last 30 years. I've been looking for a game that could handle The Bride's fight with the Crazy 88's for quite a while now, I think Danger Patrol might be the perfect system.

The first thing a member of Action Squad needs is an area of Expertise. This is role you fill on the Squad.

Adventurer – Animals, Ancient Languages, Cultures, Lore (Indy, Lara Croft)
Commando – Guns, Heavy Weapons, Explosives, Intimidation (Rambo, Snake Pliskin)
Cop – Investigation, One Liners, Persuasion, Interrogation (John McClaine, Max Payne)
Geek – Computers, Science, Gadgets (Neo, Shia LeBeouf)
Driver – Planes, Cars, Mechanics (Transporter, Fast and Furious)
Martial Artist – Kung Fu, Extreme Athletic Feats, Swords (Jackie Chan, The Bride)
Spy – Foreign Languages, Stealth, Surveillance, Deception, Security (James Bond, Jason Bourne)

Different heroes fight for different reasons. It’s these Motivations that give them the strength to fight.

Government – When a job’s too big for the Army, they send you instead.
Revenge – They killed your father, kidnapped your girlfriend, and left you for dead.
Justice – You always do what’s right. It usually involves killing a whole lot of people.
Quest – Find the sacred artifact of untold power lost by the Forgotten People before they do!
Greed – Can you believe they’re paying you for this? Two days ago, you were doing this for free!
Dumb Luck – Why do these things keep happening to you?
Respect – They took your badge away and made you look the fool, but you’ll show ‘em now!


  • I still haven't quite decided how I'll tweak the Danger Track, since everyone knows action heroes never die. I'm definitely open to ideas. Possibilities I've pondered include Cool, Style, etc. I'd love to replace Danger Dice with more Wushu or Exalted style "cool" dice. I'm just not sure how that'll fit in.

    Next up, Powers!
  • "I pity da fool."

    Action heroes get blown up and shot all the time - they just come walking out of the smoke at the end.
  • Hmm, you're right. Perhaps just down for the scene then. Like incapacitated...
  • "No one could have survived that!" (or something snappier)

    In Danger Patrol, this is what Vaporised means, too. John has said several times (I don't have the Book of Harper handy so can't say exactly how many) that a hero can be vaporised several times in his/her career.
  • Under Motivation, instead of Government, maybe Patriot or Super Patriot?
  • This thread makes me happy.
  • It also occurs to me that the Motivations should be adjectives, so you could have the Patriotic Spy, the Vengeful Cop, or Greedy Geek.

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    Adjectives, nice!

    John, I'm happy you're happy dude. Danger Patrol now travels everywhere my dice go. It's my go-to pick up game!

    I'm starting to ponder a few different powers. I know there are two different camps developing among Danger fans, for powers and against them. I'm not quite sure what I want to do with Action Squad yet. I see two options:

    1. Port powers directly from Danger Patrol, rewording for flavor, to keep 'continuity' between games.
    2. Develop a few basic powers, using versions of them for each Expertise and Motivation (you get [+] when A, he gets the same [+] when B, etc)

    I think another project needs to get out of my brain first, but I'll be toying with this off and on till it's done.
  • There are not two camps! It's just Ben vs. Everyone else. Crap, that IS two camps.

  • Hahaha! Well if it's just Ben then... he can always play without powers if he wants. :)
  • Posted By: John HarperThere are not two camps! It's just Ben vs. Everyone else. Crap, that IS two camps.

    Actually I'd lose powers in favour of something more generic and streamlined :-)

    Is that three camps?
  • Generic and streamlined? Never!!

    I'm sure someone will hack out a "generic" system from Danger Patrol (which would be cool) but that's not one of my design goals.
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