[Darkpages] Degrading/Advancing Imprint Elements?

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So, I've been wanting to play or run Darkpages again ever since I was involved in an ill-fated playtest of an earlier version (that was a lot of fun, but died after we ran into a couple of snags and our GM reported to us that Jared's response was that we should stop playing that version...).

Anyway, I have the Sketchbook edition, and I've got an idea to run a sandbox-y West Marches-y game using the imprint mechanics to provide continuity (I can talk about this with anyone who's interested, but that's not my question here). But, in thinking and doing some prep, I've realized that there's something I don't understand about how the imprint mechanics *work*, and so I'd appreciate a) any answers to the specific questions and b) any advice/experience people may have with using Darkpages to support a sort of anthology-style game with multiple heroes playing out parallel short stories in a shared environment.

So, specific questions:

1. When an imprint element is completely degraded, nature abhors a vacuum and it comes back. At what level? Does it come back at the level of the original before degradation? The level it would be if you were creating the space over from scratch? +0?

2. The rules say that Advances gained by Adversaries and the Imprint are used to advance imprint elements - does that mean that Adversaries can *never* advance their personal elements? Or do they just have the option of spending on the Imprint instead?

3. Does the Imprint use the same Advances chart that characters use? If so, does it ever "refresh" like characters do when they are revised? Or, when an Imprint has filled the chart, is that it?

Thanks, and sorry if I should have been able to figure any of these out on my own...


  • 1. +0

    2. They can do either.

    3. I don't have time to check this out and I'm not sure I even addressed it. I believe that imprints advance when they cause pain to the characters... it's been awhile since I'm looked at the Sketchbook.

    At any rate, I started back on the game so these answers will probably be rendered moot but there ya go.
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