Responses Out of order in Threads

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Twice it has happened to me now, where I respond to a post and my response comes in BEFORE the post I was responding to.

Here it is pretty clear, where I come in before the OP.

And here, my post 65 comes in before post 66, which is the post I have quoted and am responding to.

What's up?


  • Judd, it's called post-jumping, and it's an XXXXTREME forum stunt.

    You score XP for it, and if you respond to a question before it's asked, you typically get a Reputation Bonus of around 50 points.
    Reputation Bonuses, as you know, let you upgrade your board and buy new clothes.

    If you manage to have your post appear above the original post of an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THREAD... that move is called a "Triple-Hawk Post Jump" and it's worth crazy amounts of XP.
  • go for the Piss Christ-Air
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