Who's going to Ubercon (November 6-8 in Edision, NJ)?

Kat and I will be registering our games post-haste. We'll likely be bringing some With Great Power..., Serial Homicide Unit and Ganakagok. Very likely some Mechaton and Baron Munchausen. Maybe some Mouse Guard, who knows?

Who else will be there? What are you itching to play?


  • If I can get a berth, then yes. Actually the chances are pretty good.
  • I'm going to run "Castle Bravo," a Trail of Cthulhu adventure I've been working on. I've requested the Saturday late afternoon (4-8) slot. Here's the pitch:
    The time is March, 1954. The investigators are American sailors and scientists aboard the aircraft carrier USS Bairoko during the "Castle Bravo" hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific Ocean. After the ship sails through a cloud of radioactive fallout, strange events occur. What eldritch monstrosity has been awakened by atomic fire, and can the investigators save the ship from its unearthly designs?
  • Here's the events and times I requested. Liz (Ubercon's RPG coordinator) said she'll do the best she can to make these happen, but nothing's final until the schedule's up:

    FRIDAY 8pm-midnight
    Mouse Guard
    "The Pirates of Rustleaf"
    Mouse Guard is mice with swords! The autumn shipments from Rustleaf have been waylaid by bloodthirsty, redfurred pirates! Can the Mouse Guard foil the villains and save the harvest?
    4 players. Beginners welcome. All rules taught. All materials provided.

    SATURDAY 8am-noon
    "All's Fair in Love and Bricks"
    Giant fighty robots made of LEGO bricks battle for supremacy in the far future. Which bricks will rule the galaxy?
    6 players. Age 10+ Beginners welcome. All rules taught. All materials provided.

    SATURDAY noon-4pm
    "The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving"
    Come join the InSpectres, a nationwide franchise of supernatural exterminators! What better way to give thanks than by saving society from things that go bump in the night? Do you have what it takes?
    6 players. Beginners welcome, All rules taught, All materials supplied.

    SATURDAY 8pm-midnight
    "Here Comes the Sun"
    Your Eskimo-like tribe has lived in eternal night upon an ancient massive island of ice. Now, the east grows bright and the dawn threatens to change the tribe forever. Is this the end, or a new beginning?
    5 players. Beginners welcome. All rules taught. All materials supplied.
  • And the events Kat has requested to run:

    Friday at 8pm to midnight:
    Breaking the Ice: Pilgrims and Indians: The first Thanksgiving.
    Welcome to the new world. In a time before restaurants, and movie theaters, how did they let that special someone know they liked them. When language itself is a barrier perhaps the universal language of love can help. Beginners Welcome All Rules Taught All Materials Provided. Ages 18 and up. 6 players.

    Saturday 8am to 12pm:
    With Great Power: Thanksgiving day Parade of shame.
    Diabolical Dr. Shame has returned to the City The last time he arrived only The Science Heroes - Fierce Family Four was able to save the city from Dr Shame's unleashed menace. But the Fierce Family haven't spoken to eachother in years. Is the threat to the city and a turkey dinner enough to get the Fierce Family back together. Beginners Welcome All Rules Taught All Materials Provided. All Ages Welcome. 5 players

    Saturday at 8pm to midnight:
    Serial Homicide Unit: All Hallow's Eve. Someone is on their own personal Witch hunt. Three days before and leading to Halloween 3 young woman in witches costumes were found dead. The killer got a way. Now the killer is back. This time the Serial Homicide Unit is on the case. Beginners Welcome. All Rules Taught, All Materials Provided. Over 18 only. 5 players
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