[Annalise] New Guided Play & Character Sheet

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Hey there,

There's a new Guided Play Scenario available for Annalise. It's called Dracula Reloaded, written by the lovely and talented Kat Jones and played to good effect at the last JiffyCon and Origins, as far as I know. She's taken the stock Dracula characters and put a twist on 'em, and I think it's rather neat.
The year is 1897. Lucy Westenra is joined by her friend Mina Murray, a schoolteacher, to spend summer holiday with her guardian Dr. Edward Seward. Dr. Seward has opened a sanatorium on the grounds of his ancestral estate. He is busy with his patient Renfield, who he hopes will make a full recovery, thereby proving that Dr. Seward’s revolutionary methods for dealing with madness are successful...
You can download the 2-page PDF for free here, and it'll be up at lulu.com and rpgnow later today.

Dracula Reloaded joins The Voyage of the Auspicious in the Annalise Guided Play Scenario library.

Need I remind you that it features a brand new piece of gorgeous Jennifer Rodgers art?

Also, Tazio Bettin made a wonderful sci-fi flavored character sheet, which is also available to download here or here.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!


  • Cool, a stray question though.

    The moment aid sheet says to add a coin to reserves on a die of 6 (as well as 2-5) but the text says on 2-5 (page 23).

  • The Moment sheet is right, it should be on a 3-6.

    Yeh, that's the first major errata thats been made clear to me in the last couple of weeks - the text is inconsistent, the play aid is correct. It doesn't break the game at all to have 1's or 2's give you a Coin in your Reserves, but it does make it much less likely that you'll actually get a Hold on you in the first part of the game.
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