Your Poetry, my Vox PDF

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I want you to read and play my new RPG Vox. But I want you to work for it in a manner appropriate to the central conceit of the game. So:

The Deal:

1) Anyone who posts in this thread will receive a free copy of my new Vox RPG in PDF form PROVIDED that your first post follows all of the rules below. I will dole out free PDFs as expediently as is reasonable taking into account normal life circumstances (work, weekends, holidays).

2) I reserve the right to not send you a PDF if you break any of the rules. This is not a contest, but it is a skill challenge and if you break the rules you get nothing, like Willy Wonka said.

3) Andy reserves the right to delete this thread if it irritates him. If the thread vanishes, so does the deal.

The Rules:
1) You must post in a poetic form other than free verse (i.e., you can't just write a paragraph and insert random line breaks). Your poem does not need to rhyme but it must have recognizable structure. It must be an original poem (you can't just copy someone else's post) but it can be a parodic version of another poem. Some options include:
a) Limerick
b) Haiku
c) Sestina
d) Heroic couplet
e) Sonnet
f) Villanelle
g) etc.

2) Your poem must be about your favorite role-playing game and/or role-playing game experience (leniency is allowed here; I will have no idea if you're lying).

3) You must work the word "Delicious" into the poem somewhere. It must be capitalized.

4) You are not allowed to use the word "game", the term "role-playing", or the acronym RPG.

5) You must email me to tell me you posted. You can contact me via the Vox website: . If I don't get an email and I forget to check Story Games then I won't know you posted and neither of us will be happy.

6) You agree not to redistribute the PDF; however, you are encouraged to tell others to take advantage of this opportunity so they can earn their own copy.

7) You may not steal Fizzy Lifting Drinks.

The Deadline:
1) This deal is good for as many people as participate through 1:10 am on January 1, 2010.

2) In the event of unforeseen circumstances (meteor strike, zombies) I reserve the right to end the deal early.


  • "Delicious!" reflected the octopoid horror,
    Surveying the staff of the undersea base.
    "I'll devour those things in the wetsuits for breakfast,"
    "Then set up my new crib inside of their place."

    The heroes of Deep-Sea Explorer A-40,
    Had other ideas, and the firepower to match.
    They were armed, they were ready, they stood in attendance,
    Awaiting the beast on each side of the hatch.

    Yet, no sooner had one prehensile pseudopod,
    Slipped teasingly inside their fortified home,
    Than all five of them let loose their full clips of ammo,
    Killing one another like Huns sacking Rome.

    The poor damp invader surveyed the sad carnage,
    Folded his eight arms and released a moist sigh.
    "What a strange, loathsome species!" it said in a whisper.
    "And how easily they let their PCs die!"
  • Delicious Pallor
    fucks me then brains me hard in
    Apocalypse World.
  • The wolves were very auspicious,
    with rage and claws quite vicious.
    Wyld, Weaver, and Wyrm
    were all made to squirm,
    until the wolves proved Delicious!

    Best way to win a free game ever. No idea what a fizzy lifting drink is, but I'll resist the temptation to steal one!
  • Posted By: JarvisNo idea what a fizzy lifting drink is, but I'll resist the temptation to steal one!
    I'm guessing an oblique reference to the beverages of the same name, found in the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl.
    I'll enter later when I've had chance to think of a poem. Great idea.

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    Vox is excellent

    My ennui is gone now

    I am Delicious?
  • Delicious Challenge,
    Out of character in chat;
    Cherished memory.

    And delicious challenge applies to both. Well, I RPed out-of-character in-character in a chat. And yes, that means something. Going as far back as 2002 or so.
  • Broke out Alternity.
    For ray guns rendezvous
    and delicious daiquiris.

    Neat challenge thing I will try to add more if I think of any.
  • If I didn't have to use the word "delicious", I could add some geeky haikus I've written before, here's a fun one, hoping it doesn't disturb the thread:

    Gandalf the wizard
    who stood in the Balrog's path
    cried, "You shall not pass!"
  • we're driving thirsty
    the things we find Delicious
    won't last forever
  • Regarding Haiku:
    It's pretty played out by now-
    Try another form.
  • There is this guy Luke from the city,
    Who made up a Duel for the Witty;
    It's play can be Vicious,
    But mostly Delicious,
    To those that can't Grok it: my pity.
  • I think the Haiku is just the easiest to think of while at work ^_^
  • The agents all entered the [ROOM]
    Unaware they were facing their [DOOM]

    Their heart rates were [HIGH]
    And their world was a [LIE]

    But they were quite [EAGER]
    Though their skills were [MEAGER]
    Control sent them on a mission quite [PERNICIOUS]
    Where many things thought they were [DELCIOUS]

    They went straight towards the [HOTEL]
    And instead wound up in [HELL]

    Confused and [ALONE]
    They dialed their [PHONE]

    A message from [CONTROL]
    Said "go down the [RABBIT HOLE]"
    Then they all [DISOBEY]
    And then fade [AWAY]

    Report says they all [DIED],
    But it's [CLASSIFIED]

    ‘Cause in the [CITY OF BLUE]
    You never know what's quite [TRUE].
  • Down below the House on the Cliff

    No, shit, there I was, I was pinned and trapped!
    The Deep One clawed and strained against the crack
    It's dank, horrifying claws clacked and snapped
    I could feel myself begin to fade to black!

    I was eating breakfast, cozy and warm
    "Delicious," I said to my loving wife
    She began to take an abhorrent form
    I found myself back, fighting for my life

    All I had was my lil' trusty switchblade
    And a broken shotgun with just one shell
    Its arm I cut and stabbed and dodged -- I prayed
    That I could send this horror back to hell!

    My brain finally snapped! Just too much fear.
    Hope it enjoyed me with an ice, cold beer.
  • Flipped through the PDF- Vox looks like a pretty sweet game! Very well put together. I'll have to give it a more in depth read through later, but it looks pretty damn solid!
  • The Elder Horror broke in, malicious
    It's tentacles slimy, redolent of fishes
    Jake looked to me
    I looked to he
    We shared a death most Delicious
  • Call the roller of big dice,
    The long-haired one, and bid him whip
    On kitchen tables consecutive 18's.
    Let the fighters dawdle in such armor
    As they are used to wear, and let the mages swap
    Delicious spells from last month's Dragon.
    Let a fumble be finale of its caster:
    The only emperor is the dungeon master.

    Take from the manual of monsters
    Painted with three crude beasts, that sheet
    On which I enumerated his stats once,
    And spread it so as to cover his face.
    If his bag remains, rifle his hoard
    To see who gets his precious +6 sword.
    Light the lamp to run away faster.
    The only emperor is the dungeon master.

    {after Wallace Stevens}
  • If I sent you a PDF and you enjoyed it please let people know.

    If I sent you a PDF and you hated it please let me know.
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    Behold the Dogs in the Vineyard;
    Righteous and demanding to be heard.
    A Demon they fought;
    Exorcised it they thought.
    Delicious ass kicking was the word.
  • I bought a PDF and enjoyed it. I have yet to get to play it, but as PDQ rocks, I am sure I will.
  • Running
    pelts flying in the rain
    cold wind from the plain

    pursuers off his trail
    searching for his grail
    could not bear to fail

    he found of dour men
    hero looked to slay then

    dark ale was flowing
    gods they were calling
    silent red snow was falling

    man sneaked to the door
    like mist from the moor

    there was a zombie
    how could that be
    desperate struggle we see

    it seeks to devour!
    is this my hour?

    useless spear in its gut
    life is death, nothing but
    a legend with eyes shut
  • The NightLife world, by Stellar Press,
    of Old and Sound Tradition

    The New Recruit, an expert group
    of fantasy and ambition:

    My Sidhe was Shy, the Stake was High,
    the enemy pernicious

    Such vivid nights, and scary frights,
    it was, indeed, Delicious!

    (as far as i know, the correct pronunciation for Sidhe should be something like 'shee', with a long e, so it should fit in one syllable. otherwise, i'll rearrange it)
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    A hack of DG and Dark Matter,
    Ghouls and gods reality shatter,
    Then Mi-Go most vicious,
    Found our brains Delicious,
    Left survivors mad as a hatter.
  • Only a few days left to take advantage of me. I mean of this offer.

    For everyone who did grab a free copy, I only ask that if you like the book, please talk about it and/or write a review for or RPGNow, where I sell it.

    If you don't like it, please don't tell anyone because we don't want the world knowing the TRUTH.
  • City of Refuge:
    Fictional fusions

    (I suck at syllable counting, so I doubt this is actually accurate haiku. :[ Still, hope it ain't too bad.)
  • Delicious dinner
    Breast of capon stuffed with gagh
    Klingon chefs really suck
  • A sorrowful thing, a Chieftan defeated
    A scathing thing, a Norse hand on the scepter
    A shameful thing, the bent back of Gaels
    And all must end with the Burning of Tiráth.

    A remarkable thing, sea-dogs staying and marrying
    A wondrous sight, Northmen farming our land
    A tale never told, Gaels welcoming rule
    And all must end with the Burning of Tiráth.

    A peacemaking Prince will not take up his Clan-rule
    A warrior returns to find enemies now friends
    Delicious jest that must receive a fit answer
    And all must end with the Burning of Tiráth.

    A duel of wits will settle no quarrels
    A belief thus challenged must be answered in blood
    If Gaelic hearts cannot suffer the rule of strangers
    Then all must end with the Burning of Tiráth.

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    Deal is at an end
    Like Vox? Then say something nice.
    And maybe buy it.
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    Thanks for the contest, Michael! It was a fun challenge; I used it to try for a poem that could actually exist within the campaign in question. I look forward to reading Vox!

  • Yeah, I know this is late. But, it looked like fun so:

    Fight for what you believe!
    Is writ upon the wheel.
    Burnt and stained in blood and grief.

    Our characters nightly assail
    The ends of fortune, succeed or fail.
    Fight for what you believe!

    Though their instincts test their steel
    And nothing remains unscorched that burns upon the wheel.
    Burnt and stained in blood and grief.

    Why then do we play and train our skills
    Against the master’s will?
    Fight for what you believe!

    We will not be cowed by fortune’s ills
    When there’s dice to hand, though most like we will
    Be burnt and stained in blood and grief.

    And as our deliciously tattered wills fray and reel
    Like embers on the wind, we truly feel
    That fight for what you believe
    Is burnt and stained in blood and grief.
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