Halloween Dread

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Really brief report:

Last night, I was hanging with the lady and a few of the guys, and we decided to have a Halloween one-shot. I had a game idea more-or-less ready for Dust Devils, but Thomas suggested we do it as Dread instead.

So! I threw together 3 questionnaires, making liberal use of the sample questions in the book, adding questions to reinforce the time and place (a little silver mining town in post-Civil War, pre-statehood Colorado called Wolf Gulch), and strewing red herrings liberally! My game idea was set up so that the players were meant to think that wolves -- or possible werewolves -- stole a baby, with a big reveal at the end that the wolves were actually trying to help by leading the players to the otherwise untraceable river demon who was actually responsible.

As per usual, Dread was quick-paced and the teetering tower kept things tense. The fact that we were all partaking of the delightful Big Rock Winter Spice Strong Ale let people really cut loose and get into character, and certainly didn't help the stability of the tower.

What I learned:

1) You actually CAN throw together 3 Dread questionnaires in a brief span, if you kinda already know what you want. Still, if I'd had more time, I would've been able to tailor the questions a little better. A lot of info on the sheets never came into play at all, although it did definitely help everyone figure out their character motivations.
2) People will go directions you will not expect with their answers! One of the characters, having read his questions and seen my werewolf mis-leads, made his character a possible werewolf with his answers.
3) Dread is a great little Halloween game.

Anybody else play any holiday-themed games?
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