I have Google Wave invites to give away

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edit: Northerain hijacked the thread so see below for his invites.


  • I have some too, I can give them out when Denys is done.
  • Huh... I JUST got another 8, bringing my total to give away to 14 (out of 28 nominations). I can spare some, too.
  • I'd love an invite. Email is ed at imaginativeexercise dot org
  • Posted By: torked at imaginativeexercise dot org
  • Um...I'll take one.
    Will it make my viewing of pornography any easier?
  • Posted By: Nathan H.Um...I'll take one.
    Will it make my viewing of pornography any easier?
    Sent. Probably not.
  • I'd love an invite! Benito dot m at gmail dot com, if anyone has a spare!
  • Thanks and shucks.
  • Posted By: The BunyipBenito dot m at gmail dot com
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    I'd love one as well -- I've been curious about it since I saw the original video. My email's peccable at gmail dot com.

  • I'd like one: dan dot maruschak at gmail dot com
  • Posted By: peccablepeccable at gmail dot com.
    Posted By: Dan MaruschakI'd like one: dan dot maruschak at gmail dot com
  • Posted By: northerainI can give them out when Denys is done.
    He must have had -1 to give out, then. ;)

    I'll wait until George runs dry AND Denys says he's done with 'em, too.
  • I guess this turned into Northerain's thread. Go figure.

    I will now give away my invites on *another* forum and hopefully there will be less confusion there.
  • Please and thank you.

    spooked at gmail
  • I'm sorry Deny, I just happened to be online. I'll back off.
  • I have some left to give away, too. Run out these guys, then whisper me when they're dry.
  • Yeah, nominations are just nominations, unless you really wanted a bunch of the folks posting here to automatically be in your Contacts. Now we don't know whether to answer folks' requests or wait for you to check back in (and why should we have done the latter, anyway?).
  • Come on guys, there's no need to get angry about it. If someone asks for one, send it over and then state you did so. That way no one else will send to the same person twice. It's not like they cost anything.
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    Pardon me, but if there are still invitations being flung about, I'd be awfully grateful to have one flung my way.
    If not... well, such is life.


    deison1218 AT gmail DOT com
  • I found that it's way easier to send nominations to people that whisper to you. You can be sure that nobody else is sending out duplicate noms. And when you run out, you can edit your message.
  • Posted By: northerainsent.
    Rock! Thanks! :)

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    I'm out of invites, so go ahead and ask David or majcher.

    (I sent the last two to the guys asking for them above.)
  • Well, if anyone happens to have leftovers...

    theprisoner6 [at] gmail [dot] com

    Much appreciated.
  • If there is some left... I would very much like one!

    vtq20 [at] hotmail [dot] com

    Thanks so much!
  • I took care of Teataine :)
  • I've got a buddy who wants one if there are any available.

    his email is

    jason [dot] ladell [at] gmail [dot] com

    Much appreciated!
  • Hey, I'll do the greedy grab, too! If there are any left I'd appreciate it greatly and let you stay in my home if you need to crash in Portland*. hcotterson {aaaatt} google mail [dddddddotttt} com.

    *references required.
  • Took care of Mr. Walker's friends and of Mr. Otterson, but will probably ask for some participation in whatever project that will pop out of mind once I processed the Wave thing.
  • muchas gracias! My friend @jladell thanked you on twitter, I don't know if you saw it.
  • Thanks Christian!
  • I would very much appreciate one.

    dan.audy @at@ gmail.com
  • Posted By: Nathan H.Will it make my viewing of pornography any easier?
    According to experts, yes.

    Not sure whether I can link my sources under the Story-Games forum policy, though. ¬_¬
  • Hans: I gave you a nomination, hopefully you can get in soon and check out the Freemarket wave.
  • Thanks northerain! The invite is much appreciated. Sorry not to post sooner, but I've been in a poultry-induced coma.
  • I took care of Dreampod.
  • Anyone hanging? I haven't used a single one from this thread.
  • If anyone has one left I would love one anakusis at gmail com
  • You've been nom'ed, "Anakusis" (Richard).
  • I opened Wave this morning and got a message saying I have 20 more invites, anyone interested?
  • I've got 23 all of a sudden. They seem to be coming fast and furious these days.
    So yeah, anyone interested?
  • And I've got 15 invites to give away; anyone who wants one, whisper me your email address.
  • I'm guessing that story games is at saturation, with Wave accounts. :)

    Moving on to offer elsewhere....
  • OK, Piers, I've nominated you.
  • Posted By: javabardOK, Piers, I've nominated you.
    Thanks very much, mate!
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