Decemburns - AIDS awareness fundraiser

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Please join/donate!


  • I'm not getting it, and the FAQ isn't helping.

    If I want to participate, I accept the dare to grow sideburns for the month of December, and then people who want to see me go the distance pledge money to the fundraiser that they pay if I don't cave and shave them off before the end of the month?

  • Like Mo-vember, the idea is mostly for awareness-raising. You grow ridiculous facial hair, and if anyone asks why, you tell them that you are raising awareness of AIDS in Africa, and the gender imbalances in the use of protection there, and point them to the website.

    You raise money if you can, but you don't necessarily need to.
  • I inherited my facial hair from a line of downy-haired Irish and Scots, and as such I cannot grow sideburns. SO THIS THREAD IS CLOSED.
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