Naming the Bosses!

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I've always loved the way bosses were introduced in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. No real foreshadowing, you know you will face a more or less huge monster or villain in the temple but you never quite know what they are like before you've been killed by them a bunch of times. Like, you are in a fire temple, obviously you'll meet some kind of fire boss and then: VOLVAGIA: Subterranean Lava Dragon. I plan to run a short Sword & Sorcery campaign and to me fighting the treasure guardian is an important ingredient there. So instead of doing what you do in trad games and research the boss and make a detailed plan to kill it you go in there trusting that your wits and skill will be enough! Can you help me come up with awesome names for treasure guardians? Most of them will be beasts so the names are stuff people have given them.


  • For some reason I immediately thought of Bastimus for a large cat-like creature.
  • In the halls of the green stone temple a message is scribbled in blood: Beware of the Demon in Brass

    The old treasuremap is tattered and torn, but it still reveals enough for the old tomb to be found. Next to the entrance there is a depiction of a scorpion and the only writing present on the parchment: Daughter of sand and fire, Bameket

    Those few who have dared cross the eastern marshes and lived to tell about it have all spoken of strange stones erected at seemingly random places. Beneath the vines and grime that cover them there is said to be letters, forming words of a forgotten tongue. The only word to have been carried beyond the marsh is "Chakkapak", it's meaning long since forgotten to men.
  • Legends tell of Gadomeng, the beast who cries steel. His breath brings daggers and his scales are strong.

    Kirodan, the King Amongst the Sands, is a terrible statue of a forgotten king brought to life by the ancient dust-spirits in this haunted desert temple.

    Amalgia, Corovan, Dynoga, Entrikala, Madrigos, Egrod
  • When the monster is spoken of at all, it is called Azcalcocoza, Necklace of Ants.

    The degenerate locals call the thing that lives in the red cedar Atlóox'aa, which means "Bad Trouble" and is entirely accurate.

    Among the trap-rock basalt towers of the old Gods are a pair of demons known as Hlaðhand and Illskælda: Clean-Hands and The Plagiarist.
  • Ah, Jason, that would be Illskælda; The Badmouthed One.

    But worst of all, and biggest by far, is Bo .... No other name exist, and no description. None have seen Bo and survived. It has been given it's name from what some unfortunate souls have said when encountering it, behind the next corner; "Bo ...". And the shadow is large, so it must be BIG.
  • Good stuff! Reading this I got an idea: I could have my players write up descriptions like that (and only let me see them not to ruin the fu for others) since it also provides and adventure location that player would like to visit.

    I really like the dagger breathing, evokes an image of a beast carved in stone breathing daggers at unfortunate defenders of a ruined empire.
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