Recomend me a 1 on 1 story game!

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So I'm slowly drawing my girlfriend into gaming and so far it's going quite well. In fact, today she suggested that we should play something together to pass the time on our flight down south for Christmas vacation (we'll have several hours to play, even counting sleep time).

She likes fantasy mostly, is neutral on sci fi and HATES horror. We're looking for something rules light (she doesn't like complicated mechanics and I may end up having to run it without much reference material) with a focus on storytelling.

So, anyone know something that fits the bill?


  • S/Lay w/Me is awesome. Playing it on a plane might be slightly awkward, as there are sexy bits, but nothing more explicit than in a hollywood movie.

    Shooting the Moon is also excellent, in its 2 player form.

  • Seth's forthcoming one-on-one game Showdown is the bomb. You should bug him about it!

    I haven't tried it myself, but the few people who have played the smoke dream in pairs seem to have really enjoyed it. Maybe you ought to give that a shot.

    If you can rope in your third row-mate, A Penny For My Thoughts is perfect with three. :)

    Some GM'd games love to be one GM/one player, if the role differential isn't a deal breaker for you and your girlfriend. The only one I've played myself is Puppetland, which worked perfectly, although it does tend toward horror (probably not hard to work around, though: keep the action on Judy's side of the Lake of Milk and Cookies and you can have fantasy Puppetland). Puppetland's mechanics, such as they are, are easily hacked to other settings, if the grimness of the default game proves too pervasive. I've toyed with 1:1 Dogs in the Vineyard and that seems promising, too. One-on-one D&D has a long history (too much mechanical baggage?), which suggests that one-on-one RBH or Dungeon Squad could be fun. I've dreamed about playing Paranoia as a one-on-one for years, and knowing the rules is completely optional, which addresses the anti-complication concern nicely - as long as everyone agrees that failure will be funny or useful, there's no need to roll dice. (In fact, why not port Paranoia's brilliant setting and GM advice to Otherkind dice, or Storming the Wizard's Tower spellcasting-style checkboxes, or something like that? The actual rules, while appropriately funny, suck as rules for a playable game due to their bulk and ad-hocicity. Maybe that's another thread.)
  • Breaking The Ice doesn't get enough love. It's a rules-light, beautiful game. It's written as a romance game, but it needn't be cheesy: in one game, I played James Bond; in another, we destroyed San Francisco. All you need to bring on your flight are three dice.

  • Sweet Agatha is awesomeness in an envelope. Although, I still haven't played mine so I could be horribly wrong, but I'm not.
  • Trollbabe.
  • Here's another vote for Breaking the Ice. The Smoke Dream also is fun - and a game that my wife actually brought up to replay out of the blue - but it's not really a Story Game.
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    Mars Colony! But it's not out yet...

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  • The other game to throw into the mix is Beast Hunters, which is Christian's game. (He's being astonishingly modest by not mentioning it).

    It's the polar opposite of Breaking The Ice: where BtI is largely cooperative, Beast Hunters is about challenging the other person. It's all tribal and magical and stuff.

  • If you think you can manage two PCs each you could play While the World Ends. It is not as far fetched as it may seem: It is really a four player game, to play on three one player plays two PCs. I have not tested it with just two though, but the rules mechanics won't break down on you if you play one-on-one anyway.
  • Man this request comes up a lot. I hope designers out there are realizing this.

    I'm itching to play Mouse Guard with just my girlfriend. I think it would work very nicely as a two player game.
  • Posted By: jessecoombsMan this request comes up a lot. I hope designers out there are realizing this.
    I know that I always look at games from the single-player perspective just because it seems impossible to get a player group together that wants to play the games I want to play. I'd be rolling in D&D players if I wanted them, but....
  • Perfect works well with 2-4. It's currently in playtest.
    Whisper me if you'd like it.
  • If you're looking for something that'll give you setting freedom, and is designed specifically for the kind of mobile play you'll be doing, check out Sherpa.
  • i love this format, the one-on-one.

    but nothing's ready, nothing's ready...

    *bumbles about room uselessly, knocking a pile of papers onto a sleeping cat*
  • I'll still give out playtest editions of Showdown to those that are interested. Whisper me here, if you are.

    For being on a plane, I recommend Sweet Agatha. Two players, light on rules, highly collaborative, no randomness, nothing necessarily needed except the game itself. Um, you'll want to cut it up before getting on the plane, I'm thinking.

    Seth Ben_Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • Take Seth up on that offer! Such a treat you are in for...
  • Penny For My Thoughts works perfectly in 2 player mode. When you are supposed to get multiple suggestions for your penny, just have the other player give two with an implication that they need to be two decent suggestions not one crappy and one really awesome. My friend and I played it over the phone, so it's definitely doable on a plane. Not too rules heavy since you read the rules as you play.
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