Montsegur 1244 - Expansion Set: Invitation to participate

I hereby invite you to participate in the project Montsegur 1244 Expansion Set.

The goal:
To create a free expansion set for Montsegur 1244. The expansion set will contain 1-2 new characters, up to 8 new scene cards and up to 8 new story cards.

The process:
The project runs in four stages:
  • Stage one: Generate ideas (everyone)
  • Stage two: Select and develop (me)
  • Stage three: Vote (everyone)
  • Stage four: Finalize and publish (me)
Stages one and three will be kicked off with a thread on Story Games.
The time frame for the project will be 2-3 months.

The terms:
Everybody who contributes with ideas will be credited in the expansion set. The expansion set will be published as a standalone electronic document with a Creative Commons Attribution license ( In addition, contents of the expansion set may be included in later editions and non English releases of the game.

By default, I will use the real name stated on your Story Games account. If you want to be credited by another name, please state so clearly in your post.

Edit: Link to contributions thread (stage one).
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