Montsegur 1244 – Expansion Set: Contributions

This thread is for contributions to the Montsegur 1244 Expansion Set. See the project outline here.

The rules:
Post ideas for characters, scene cards and story cards you would like to see included in the expansion set. Be as brief or as detailed as you like. Whisper if you like.

The format of the cards are the following (examples can be found in the existing components that can be downloaded here):

Story cards
Story cards describe either a person, an item or an event. Each card has a title, a subtitle, a quote and a descriptive text which states both facts and up to three questions for the players to answer.

Scene cards
Each scene card contains a short description relating to one of the five senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting)

A character is defined by: Name. Sex. Age group. Job/function/role/relation. Three questions for the player to explore.

Deadline for contributions is December 26th 2009.

Note that by posting contributions to this thread, you accept the terms described here.


  • What a cool idea, Frederik!

    As you probably imagine, I'm a big fan of your game and think an "expansion set" would be great (even if I can't tire of playing it as it is!).

    Here are some characters proposals:


    Middle-aged man. Simon is an experienced fighter of humble birth.

    - why does Raimond of Montsegur listen to you?
    - who would you wish to spare any pain?
    - what do you expect in your future?


    Etienne (replaces Faye or Amiel)

    Young man. Brother of Arsande. Was a knight but doesn't fight anymore.

    - How come you got the injuries that prevent you from fighting?
    - Will you protect your sister?
    - Which wrong do you wish to make right?



    Middle aged woman. Recently widowed sister of Corba.

    - What secret are you hiding?
    - Whose life do you wish to change?
    - What do you wish for your sister?

    Maybe some Story Cards or Scene Cards will come to me, in the meantime, here's my contribution.

    Let me know what you think!
  • India

    A young lady of noble birth - heiress of the Fanjeaux fortune.

    - Why do you treat Raimond with such disdain?
    - What form does your great personal wealth take?
    - Who helps you leave Montsegur on certain moonless nights, and to what purpose?
  • Characters:
    An old man. A peddler* by trade, now destitute.
    - Who introduced you to the True Faith?
    - Are you still burdened by the death of your wife?
    - Why do you try to avoid Bernard?

    [*N.B. This originally read "usurer," and could change back if you think that might be interesting.]

    An aging man. Fought in the Fourth Crusade.
    - What did you see at Constantinople that changed your life?
    - Why are you so fond of Garnier?
    - How do you hide your scars?

    Scene Cards:
    A hound baying mournfully.
    A distant rumble of thunder.
    Raindrops pattering on the dusty ground.
    The acrid odor of burning hair.
    A pennant snapping in the breeze.
  • So, Arsende's got a brother? A Cathar with personal wealth? And burning hair - as a foreshadowing of things to come?

    Nice - keep 'em coming. No story cards yet?
  • Story cards are harder. I'm thinking on it!
  • Scene Cards:
    - soft fabric against the skin
    - an ugly scar
    - a cold shiver

    (sorry, still no idea for Story cards!)
  • edited December 2009
    Here are some ideas of mine:

    Story card:
    Robard de Lorraine
    Captured knight
    ”I surrender”
    After a long and bloody battle an enemy knight is captured by the Cathars. It turns out he is one of the inner circle of the crusaders. What can he be traded for? Is he persuaded to join the Cathar cause? Who has he slain?

    Adult male. Troubadour. Travelling entertainer and bringer of news, trapped in Montsegur by the siege.
    • What is your real name?
    • Who in Montsegur doesn’t recognise you?
    • What happens to the hero Ogier in your most popular song?
    Scene cards:
    A quetly spoken prayer
    Embers glowing in the dark
    The warm embrace of a loved one
  • Hey Frederik,

    Well, you already got my story and scene cards so I hope you enjoy them.


  • edited December 2009
    Story cards:


    Pious child

    "Our innocence will shine as a light"

    As instructed in a vision, Benoît will march down the hill with a candle. He believes that confronting the Inquisition with his innocence will end the siege. Who would kill a child? Which children will he persuade to accompany him?

    The Flood

    The waters rise

    "It can only be a sign."

    After days of unrelenting rain, the reservoirs overflow. The lower rooms are flooded and the waters rise. Is it a sign? If so, is it a blessing or a warning? Whose home will be flooded? Where will they go?

  • @Shannon: Yes, great stuff.
    @Graham: Innocent children FTW.

    1½ days yet to contribute, then I will merge all the ideas into a shortlist for people on Story Games to vote for. Go for it!
  • Thank you for your contributions, Claudia, Jason, Daniel, Shannon & Graham.

    This thread is now closed.
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