Lunch in Raleigh-Durham

I'd like to set up a lunch for forum members in the Raleigh-Durham area. I can make a weekday lunchdate on pretty short notice. Weekends are fine, but I suspect would involve more folks. Initially, I was thinking me, Andy, the Durham 3, and anyone else on this forum that's active in our area.

I work near RDU airport, one road down from Clinton and the Lulu office.

Also, if folks would like to share emails, we can take this off-forum. I'll whisper mine to anyone who replies and asks for it.

So: Bring the Awesome!


  • I'm all for this. I know the other Durham 2 may have transportation issues, but I can definitely make it, especially around the area where you and I work.
  • Unles you want to wine and dine in Chapel Hill, or want to make it a dinner, or want to do it on a weekend, I am sadly out. Matt, we'll definitely get our game on some time soon, though.
  • I'm in the same boat as Jason, at least in the near-term. Late September may be a different story altogether. As for getting the game on some evening/weekend, that is a definite yes in my book.
  • File me under "anyone else", and I'm in.


  • You all could take a trip across the mountains into Tennessee and eat dinner. I'm in for that.
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    OK, how is this weekend for folks? I have stuff Saturday late afternoon/evening, but otherwise I'm good. My wife will probably be out of town for the whole weekend - she's a gamer, but much more casually than I - so I'd be cool with gathering for lunch on Saturday or Sunday and/or doing something more directed on Sunday.

    Clinton, we'll hash something out for next week during the week, unless tomorrow is particularly good for you.
  • I just moved to Chapel Hill. Assuming I can find a break in the schedule, I'm up for it -- and if so, can give rides to other people in CH.
  • Chapel Hill claims another hippie soul. Beware it's mystical social gravity!

    I work in a pretty intense (like "Sorcerer Intense") environment, and even when I'm scheduled "11:30-12:30" or whatever, sometimes I end up getting caught on something that blows through that.

    But if you guys set something up, I can maybe set a definite "pull away from work" time to get out there. I'm off of Davis drive, so it's no problem to head out there. But I'd need folks' cells (I have Clintons) in case I have to call in late.

    It would be definitely fun every few months or whatever, but I'm sure dinner/lunch on weekends would definitely be more relaxed and productive. Maybe we can hit the diner on 15-501 south of I-40 sometime, or even Sunday.

    And gaming is right in.

  • You guys are already jumping on this weekend! Insano.

    I have finals this weekend, so I'm out. But let's note this: there's a shitload of us now. Jasper's here, too. I vote that next week sometime, or soon, or whatever, we try to have a giant dinner.
  • Man, I'm way jealous. There's not nearly so many of us out here in Phoenix-land. Me and Eric Boyd and Lance Allen, and that's as much as I can think of, at least, off the top of my head. Lucky stiffs. Well, lucky until the cold dark of winter comes, anyway.
  • Lx, JDCorley is... somewhere in Arizona.
  • Heh, ever been to Arizona, Josh? Oh, he might be able to see Phoenix from where he lives, but it could still be a 3 hour drive to get there. To say nothing of if he can't see Phoenix from where he lives. :-)

  • I went to Phoenix, once. I don't remember much except for the devastating heat and the lawns filled with green-painted gravel...

    I still have nightmares.
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    We can discuss the upcoming Gameday (09/23-24) and MACE (11/10-12) mini-cons, too.
  • MACE is going to be on. We'll be short Clinton but will have extra Luke to pass around. I just signed up to run TSOY and Cold City.
  • Depending on how Matt swings his birthday notions (i.e., if he merges them in MACE happening), I may find myself visiting and attending MACE. But that's enough of a question mark that it'll probably be less as a runner, more as a player.
  • Since everybody I know is throwing down to GM, you'll probably have people fighting over you. Technocrat13 is the point person for indie madness at MACE as of two minutes ago. You should totally get in on my TSOY game, Mayahuel's Revenge:

    "You are a crack team of Aztec worthies hand-picked by once-human Mayahuel, Goddess of alcohol, to enter the flower dream and kill every God who ever had sex with her. You're all sworn to the God-killing mission, but you also have your own agenda ... it'll be high-powered TSOY madness in the Valley of Mexico!"
  • I need to talk to the wife, as it will change the weekend drastically. Assuming we switch, I'll post to LJ and start trying to round up folks. I suspect that switching to MACE still means Darren, Fred, Adam, and possibly Rob coming into town and finding crashspace at my house. :)

    As far as running goes, I don't want to commit to anything immediately, as I'll be heading into playtest with a project or two very soon. If they go well, I might run them at MACE. If not, I'll play and support the indie-thang however I can.
  • It's a good place for playtests - I ran The Roach three times last year there.
  • Posted By: Jason Morningstar"You are a crack team of Aztec worthies hand-picked by once-human Mayahuel, Goddess of alcohol, to enter the flower dream and kill every God who ever had sex with her. You're all sworn to the God-killing mission, but you also have your own agenda ... it'll be high-powered TSOY madness in the Valley of Mexico!"
    That's not only a game I have to play, I'd buy it, too.
  • I'm in. If we met on a weekday, it might have to be a short lunch but I'm up for driving you down there if you need me too Jason since your office isn't far from mine.

    Lisa P
  • My suggestion would be this: set a day and place as a standing weekly/bi-monthly gathering.

    If a weekend lunch works better than a weekday one, no problem. My suggestion for place would be somewhere in Briar Creek, since that's nicely between Raleigh and Durham and offers many choices. (Otherwise, I would say Steak N Shake on Capital, but that's fanatical loyalty talking.)

    If you can make it to a certain gathering, great; if not there's always next week.
  • Sheesh, look away for one day...I would definitely be in for meeting up with people. There's no real way I can pull lunch in Raleigh during the week or this weekend, but I could be up for a nice big dinner sometime. Weekend lunches/dinner are something I could do from time to time, just not this one.
  • Yeah, I'd be happy to meet up as well- preferably on a weeknight or weekend. It seems like a weekend would gather the greatest horde from the Triangle area, which I suppose might be good or bad, depending on your perspective.
  • How about dinner in Durham next Thursday night? I think the center of gravity skews slightly away from Raleigh. The Indian place where 55/54 and I-40 meet, maybe?
  • Hey! Strangely enough, I'm actually free that night! Finances pending, count me in. What's the price range there like? Is it a buffet, or will I have to ask someone to order for me?


  • Let's try out this lunch thingy, but let's also definitely set up a Sunday lunch at the 501 DINER in Chapel Hill or something for some weekend. How does Aug 27th grab folks? Sep 3rd?
  • It all works for me, esp. the 501 diner, which is great. Eric, for that nameless Indian place plan on $10-12 plus tip for dinner, although there is cheaper stuff. Not sure if there is a dinner buffet. There is an earth-shatteringly good Korean place next door, but it is not vegetarian-friendly and also a little more expensive.
  • I'm always up for Indian, and Thursday evenings work really well for me.

    I don't have any plans (that I know of yet) for August 27 or September 3.
  • Diner and Indian both work for me.
  • Can anyone create an interactive map thingy where we put in our locations? I would like a visible representation if anyone can do that.
  • Aug 27, Sept. 3rd are both options, as is Thursday. Can't help but love the 501 diner since it is *so* close, but the Indian place is cool, too, and I haven't been there in an age.
  • I know 501 Diner has enough big tables to hold a bunch of monkeys, does the indian place? BTW, is this the Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Chapel Hill, or Sitar India Palace in Durham?

    Mark: I'm thinking that this weekend I'm gonna put up a Frappr map on

  • What time on Thursday? 6PM? 6:30? Later? I can make anytime after 5PM with relative ease.
  • 6:30 is the earliest I could make it. I'd prefer 7, but I'll roll with whatever.
  • And y'all better enjoy Jasper, 'cause he's a great player (he was in one of my 1001Nights games at JiffyCon), and he wrote some cool-looking stuff that I never got to play 'cause he moved south. (After years in the valley, you only show up to say goodbye? That's so cold, Jasper! See you at some con sometime. :) )
  • I'm so very looking forward to this. How many people do we have going? Should we reserve a larger table?

  • I'm interested. Where is this going to be, though? Indian or 501? It's a little unclear.
  • What date was chosen?
  • Yeah, I'll second Remi as to being unsure where this dinner will happen.
  • The date currently seems to be this Thursday, at 7pm. Either that or August 27th, a Sunday.
  • I'm under the impression that it's this Thursday, 7pm, Indian.

  • (I won't be able to make it, that's the day of my weekly game. Carry on without me and I'll see about coming to another one in the future)
  • Thursday, 27 August, 7 PM, Curry and Spice in Durham. It's the Indian restaurant between Chosun Ok and Ideas Coffeehouse, at 2105 NC 54 E, the intersection of 54 and 55 right off I-40.
  • My wife might even be coming!
  • Rock on! I will definitely be there, with bells on.

    Jason, do you mind spearheading this, in terms of headcount and reservation?
  • Sure, no problem.
  • Um... Thursday the 24th of August. The 27th is Saturday.

    For headcount, expect Lisa (urbanpagan) to be in attendance with me.


    p.s. Yesterday was Lisa's birthday. Be sure to embarrass her. :D

  • 24 August, my mistake. 2006.
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