Settlers of Midgard

Anyone heard of a game wherein the protagonists found a community? As in, they do the groundbreaking, start putting up buildings, etc?

I am in the throes of making a Dwarf Fortress story game, so my source material involves a great deal of this kind of thing. It's possible that the Fortress and all the embedded conflicts it's going to have could be decided upon in a lightly structured, pre-play manner, akin to another form of character creation, and that makes me want to check out Dogs in the Vineyard for its town creation rules. I have a copy of Storming too, but I'm trying to make more of a collaborative story-game, rather than something focused on kicking butt and beating challenges.

Any ideas?


  • I don't have an answer to your question, but I'm throwing my goodwill behind you to say: I want to see that game! Keep working!
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    Ars Magica (at least 4th Ed) has rules for developing the group's commune. Though not the only option the group can start by themselves and build the thing up from scratch, hiring help, finding and securing resources, etc etc.

    It's free to downloadl now:

    The chapter you want is on Covenant creation.

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    Thanks for the support, Hans!

    And Aaron, thanks for the suggestion - I'm downloading it now.
    Heck, Orkworld might be a cool game to look at, as well - you make a household, I think, and that sounds similar to creating a covenant of wizards.
    [opening the file] Hm, the intro bit on the "seasons" of a covenant's lifetime is very interesting, as I was thinking of having a seasonal turn-based sort of macro game layered into/next to the free play/scene-based play, and call them Fortress Play and Scene Play.

    So - while we're on the subject, I'm very open to suggestions. I'm going for more of a Story Now thing, with an example here, so I'm asking in particular about what kinds of stories you see lurking in the source material, what kinds of stories you think are already there, on the surface of play ("You have broken into a peculiar chamber through the base of the mountain...", f'rex ^_^), and what you would want to *do* if you were playing this game, as you imagine it!

    Thanks :D

    [edited for reading a little more in the file] Oh, wow - I might steal this Seasons of the Covenant thing wholesale and jam it into a scene economy. I mean, this is pretty much what happens to a Fortress over time, and the accumulation of Fortress Points (something I'm tinkering with) increases the likelihood of encountering immigrants, merchants, and goblin invasions. Neat! [yet more reading] OK, so they didn't seem to actually write mechanics for the transition between Seasons, although the idea of a Winter Covenant finding a way to make it into the "next" Spring of its existence is pretty cool, and more than a little Arthurian ("the land and the king are one", and all that).
    [one last edit] Those of you familiar with the game may have already heard of Boatmurdered, a turn-based collaborative play of a Fortress someone made. The AP notes have been dramatized and posted here. Even if you haven't played the computer game, this will give you an idea of what happens in it.
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