An Open Letter to Story Games ...

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Hi all,

In the spirit of taking stock and giving thanks and other holiday pursuits, I'd like to offer my list of ways in which Story Games has improved my life as someone who loves role-playing games:

This past year, thanks to the fine people at Story Games ...

* I learned about several cool RPGs (Lady Blackbird, Nine Worlds, Montsegur, Gangakok)
* I went to Ice Station Nerdly, during which I played fun games with cool people.
* I played a great online game of Diplomacy with other board members and Diplomacy enthiusiasts.
* I played in a multi-session Mountain Witch game with Tim Kleinert (but didn't get to finish)
* I met people in DC who like the kinds of games my regular gaming group doesn't always like.

And, of course, I spent many, many hours reading forum threads when I should have been working, during which time I was often entertained (occasionally - it must be admitted - by conflict), and frequently enlightened.

So thanks to Andy and everyone else who posts here, and have a safe and super-awesome holiday week.


  • Thanks to you for contributing to the vigorous, relatively Zen debates we have going on here ^_^

    Thanks to the Story Games crowd,

    - I made story-gamer friends on both U.S. coasts
    - I went to Ice Station Nerdly, thus reigniting my game design efforts
    - I played a bunch of cool new RPGs and board games
    - I met former-but-on-good-terms-Quaker communalists
    - I braved the "bad" part of DC, and found its ECL to be much lower than white people often claim
    - I played Penny For My Thoughts on a hotel room floor
    - I rediscovered the Forge

    This was, I daresay, within the past six months! But, um, before that, I hadn't heard of this site. ^_^
    Thanks, all! You rock.
  • Thanks to the Story Games crowd:

    I've gotten off my butt and attempted to write a game.
    I met some great friends up at Story-Games Boston.
    I found out about games I'd never have tried.
    I've read some interesting, entertaining, and educational threads almost every day!
    I've been inspired to get my friends to try new games.

    Basically, I'd still be in a gaming stone-age rut and not having fun if it weren't for StoryGames!
  • You guys

    -made me trash my game two more times, and I consider it an improvement
    -gave me a Google Wave invite
    -entertained me with wacky antics and pretentious discussions
    -made me more than certain that RPGs are one of the big loves of my life
    -made me realise that it's possible for me to visit a RPG forum and not start an argument with someone every five seconds on the nature of roleplaying and design
    -informed my knowledge on both gaming and other subjects in many many small ways
    -inspired me

    Since I'm from a place far away, I haven't met any of you and haven't attended any cons, but I'd like to, someday.

    I wish you all the best.
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