[Apocalypse World] The Perfect Setting

edited December 2009 in Story Games
Just reading over Apocalypse World again and suddenly realized I'd been staring at a perfect setting all this time.



  • Hmmmm.


    Is the Psychic Maelstrom the Force? Because... yeah.

    I doubt I could put my bloody fingerprints all over an AW game in that setting (it's just so gorram positive), but I bet somebody could.
  • A desert wastes full of marauding bandits and giant bounty-hunter-eating monsters, slave-trading slugs who profit from child labour, and a "wretched hive of scum and villainy," where Han shoots first, then gets turned into furniture, where even when the Brainers Jedi show up, all they do is buy some kid who might be useful to him... is not what I'd call a "positive" setting.
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