Judd's Good Sentences

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Per your request, Judd, I can send you a copy of my notes on your Good Sentences segment of Sons of Kryos. (Enough subordinate clauses there?) Whisper me with your email or I can just post them here. Let me know.

Oh, and everyone else can reply to tell you how much they'd like to see a book of your Good Sentences. :)


  • Post them here! For the good of all mankind!

    -Rob D.
  • Sentence #1: Are there any scenes anybody wants to see?
    These are the things suggested for next week.
    These are the things I'd like to see.

    Sentence #2: (introduce new players to one another, shake hands, etc.) If you want a scene with another player, players must negotiate with each other out of character.
    Check with other players about stepping on their toes or stealing their thunder before you do something that might.

    Sentence #3: This just isn't working out; I think we need to find you a different group to play with.
    You're a good player, but our play style just doesn't seem to mesh with yours.
    I don't think you're having as much fun as you could be.
    I like you as a person, but I think that this game just might not be for you.

    Sentence #4: This is what the game is about. (Premise)
    Narrow things down (so players have options rather than a blank page).
    Discuss inspirations for your game.

    Sentence #5: I am uncomfortable.
    Is there anything we want to take off the table?

    That's all I've got, based on my notes.
  • Thanks, Matt, this is neat to see all in one place.
  • I've got, like, this big urge to see each sentence as a chapter, with an attached essay, and with that essay getting commented on, Push-style, in the margins.

    Oh, did I mention I'd buy the hell out of it?
  • Jeff and I are talkin' about just that, with his comments in the margins.
  • There's also, "I don't feel like gaming tonight."
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