[Apocalypse World] Things To Do

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Things to do in Apocalypse World:




Booby Trap

Drive-By Shooting



Blacklist Location


Recruitment (Willing)
Recruitment (Coerced/Impressed)


Mine Laying

Psychological Operations



Food Distribution





Drug Operation


Safe House








Known Insurgent Vehicle

Drug Vehicle

Internal Security Force

Courtesy of MIL-STD-2525B, Common Warfighting Symbology, the section on Military Operations Other Than War


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    Would someone please explain this aspect of Apocalypse World to me? I see Battlebabe and I'm all like "It's on!" But I've gleaned that this game isn't really about being a post-apocalyptic badass. What's up with that?

    And nice find on the list.
  • Hmmm. I wouldn't say it's not about being a post-apocalyptic badass.

    Here's the bit of AW that I was thinking of when I saw this list and thought of the game:

    Look through crosshairs. Whenever your
    attention lands on someone or something,
    consider first killing her, overthrowing him,
    burning it down, blowing it up, or burying
    it in the poisoned ground. It’s one of the
    game’s slogans: “there are no status quos in
    Apocalypse World.” You can let the players
    think that some arrangement or institution is
    reliable, if they’re that foolish, but for you
    yourself: everything you own is, first, always
    and overwhelmingly, a target.

    (That's advice to the GM, by the way.)
  • I'll have you know that the game is TOO about being a postapocalyptic badass (if the dice gods favor you).

    Last session, my Driver rode into a convoy that was tracking the team down from the fortress we busted out of earlier.

    Then he ramped off of one of the cars.

    Then he killed Dremmer, the opposing warlord, by FLYING INTO HIS FACE with his car.

    And then he blew up some more cars in the convoy, busted through a brick wall and saved a little boy from being killed.[/rough synopsis]
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    Thanks, guys. I guess I'm basing my interpretation off this:
    Posted By: joepubNecromunda implies constant violence.
    Apocalypse World implies a constant threat of violence.

    As such, the latter is created so that people can be threatening but not very effective (Battle Babe), and have that still be a functional character concept. I think there needs to be some way to reconcile the fact that AW and Necromunda have different conceptions of how violence works. Just a thought.

    In AW, there is no differentiation between close combat and shooting, aside from weapon choice. In Necromunda, entire gangs take their sense of identity from this distinction.
    I see
    • The threat of constant violence overshadowing constant violence.
    • Undifferentiated combat mechanics (i.e. glossed-over by system therefore less important to the game)
    • A list of things one could pursue in the game other than straight-up war.

    From these, I’m getting the idea that this game is not about being a badass, although that's perhaps unsurprising given the designer.
  • It's not ABOUT being a badass, but you certainly CAN be a badass.

    Also, the threat of constant violence doesn't really overshadow violence, since the "threat" move (when successful) forces the victim to do what you say OR "suck it up" and accept the violence you have offered.

    For example, in the game DWeird mentioned, my character attempted to threaten someone into not shooting one of his fellow gangers. I passed my roll, so she shot him and I cut off her head. Then I rounded up my own gang of well armed psychopaths and tried to take over her fortress (results pending).

    Basically, as long as you are playing a Gunlugger, Chopper or Hardholder, you're playing a post-apocalyptic badass but there's other guys who aren't as badass too (and they're still interesting).
  • Things I've done in Apocalypse World:

    Befriended a young weaver girl.
    Questioned my place in the world.
    Worked for a violent thug.
    Had sex with the town brainer, who also works for the thug.
    Quit working for a violent thug, stating ethical concerns.
    Got run out of town.
    Took the weaver girl with me.
    Tried to save some people from... zombie attack? I think that's what it was.
    Stole their supplies, since they died anyways.
  • Things we've done in Apocalypse World:

    Drained people's memories into vacuum tubes
    Stood idly by while someone was brutally murdered
    Intentionally steered a ship into a sea mine to get out of paying a debt
    Used love as a weapon
    Destroyed a person's hold on their territory out of sheer spiteful meanness, gaining nothing for it
    Gave up your identity so you don't have to endure yet another kind of suffering
    Failed to trust, failed to help, failed to care
    Killed, maimed, and displaced for the sake of temporary power within the pathetic dwindling borders of the world
    Learned that the psychic maelstrom has its own agenda and no, you are not going to like it
  • Things I've Done In Apocalypse World:

    - commiserated with an insane killer
    - made a prostitute my mother-figure
    - dove into the mind of an innocent girl as she was being executed
    - watched my boss go slowly paranoid-crazy
    - had sex with a mutilated skinner
    - got shot by accident
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    Posted By: John HarperLearned that the psychic maelstrom has its own agenda and no, you are not going to like it
    Oh man.

    How did I never consider giving the psychic maelstrom agency and a threat type before now? My mind is all abuzz with possibilities. Mindfucker, perhaps a bit too obviously? Collector? Breeding Pit?
  • Things I've done in Apocalypse World:

    -Seduced the leader of a biker gang and became creepily obsessed with him
    -Agreed to help rescue a girl from a Hardholder's harem to impress the biker
    -Got half the bikers gang pinned down in a brutal assault on the harem and abandoned them to die when reenforcements came
    -Agreed to help protect the biker's boss from reprisals due to my harem assault
    -Beat a friend into unconsciousness because of his smart mouth
    -Tried to protect the biker's brain washed best friend and the bikers boss from each other
    -Failed to protect best friend, beheaded boss in retribution
    -Drove the biker over the edge (he had a thing for his boss) causing him to utterly reject me and leave the hardhold
    -Went mad with grief, gathered a gang of psychoticly violent thugs and attempted to take the hardhold for myself

    We'll see what comes of that next Sunday.
  • So, I forgot if I asked this before or not, but what is Apocalypse World and where can I get it? I dug through about 4 pages-deep of Google, but everything Apocalypse World RPG related either points to:

    * published games with the world Apocalypse in them
    * Fallout PNP game
    * Threads here about the game, but not a link to the game itself
    * One AP thread at the Forge (did Vince Baker make it?)

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    Posted By: AndySo, I forgot if I asked this before or not, but what is Apocalypse World and where can I get it?
    Strange, for me it's the second result that comes up in a Google search for "apocalypse world." The first one is a thread on Vincent's own site discussing the game.

    Apocalypse World, by Vincent Baker. You have to e-mail him for the pasword to the full rules text.
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    Apocalypse World, by Vincent Baker. You have to e-mail him for the pasword to the full rules text.
    The awesome thing being that his mail adress is not visible anywhere near that info. (Not that I could see anyway, I wanted to take a look at the game but gave up on downloading it since I could not find Vincent's e-mail.)
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