[Knight Club] Playtesters Wanted!

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I'm currently working on a very silly RPG that could use a bit of playtesting.

'Knight Club' is set in an over-the-top fantasy world peopled by the usual mix of brave adventurers and evil monsters. As the title suggests, players take the roles of various types of Knight contracted by the local monarch to deal with a variety of problems. Which they always solve with violence, no matter how simple and everyday the request is.

As you'd probably guess, this is a combat-heavy satirical game with some pretty funky and innovative mechanics. Right now I could use a few small groups of playtesters to try the system out and make sure it works OK. I can offer free PDF copies of the full version (when it's finished) as a reward to playtesters who produce useful playtest reports and comments. Depending on finances I might be able to offer a discount on the print edition(s) too.

Any questions? Any volunteers?


  • Quick question - for roughly how many players would your game be aimed? I'd love to participate but not sure if I have a large enough number of players
  • In addition to how many players would be ideal...
    ...how much test time would you like?
    ...how much time need be invested to prepare for play (for players and gm)?
  • Thanks to everyone for replying, it's always nice to get a bit of interest. Let's deal with those questions:

    How Many Players: Ideally the game is for 3 to 6 players and 1 GM. The game adapts well to a rotating GM style of play as well, in case everyone wants to be a Knight. Larger groups are best dealt with by having two games running simultaneously, and letting players swap back and forth between them at regular intervals. There's an optional rule already in place for mammoth tournaments of more than 6 Knights.

    How Much Test Time: honestly, I'm happy with whatever feedback you feel you can give, but realistically I need at least some people to actually play the game rather than just reading it through.

    Preparation Time: Character creation is fairly brief, with only four statistics and a simple 'feat equivalent' of about 13 or so simple effect-driven options that can be mixed and matched. Can't give an exact estimate of time since I know the system and can naturally whizz through it in minutes. Shouldn't be longer than half an hour though, and that only if you get someone who's really into milking the most out of the tactics system.

    The GM's setup time is practically zero because the player characters are responsible for coming up with the plot. All the GM has to do is provide them with a simple problem and see what crazy solutions they come up with to fix it. I've got a list of sample problems and I'll also be providing a few all-purpose 'feat' sets with the game that can be pressed into service for any foe, so all the GM need do is pick an appropriate set and slot in some stats. It's set up so that you can make up your NPCs and monsters on-the-fly while the players are having fun kibitzing with each other in-character.

  • Time-investment-wise, it sounds perfect.
    I have a small group of biweekly gamers whose size fluctuates, but I can run it by them and see if I can get enough together at once to make it a good test. They're used to being my guinea pigs.
    I'll need something to pique their interest, though. Not necessarily a beta document, but something like a 1–2 page quick play document. Briefly describe the game, starting with your first post above (hooked me) and the Prep Time bit from your second, then highlight the rules and give an example or two of play. I'll pass this to my friends and we'll see.
    I should be able to get at least three interested and available at once, but it could be a while before we get to it. What's your timeline like?

  • My timeline is pretty flexible. I'm doing the artwork myself and that will take me some considerable time, so it's more an ongoing project than an imminent one. I reckon a final playtest document is about a week away, but I don't expect immediate results. I can be working on art in the meantime.

    To ellucidate a little more on the system, its most unique and interesting feature is the Combo mechanic. This is based on arcade-style action games. The Knight kicks off play with a first-level attack and, if he rolls well enough, on his next turn he can move onto a more powerful second-level attack and so forth until he runs out of attacks on that branch of the combo or something else causes his combo to break. He then has to start again from a level 1 attack.

    A lot of the battle strategy is about making a flexible combo board with a good mix of attack and defence options on a limited budget, and coordinating that board carefully in combat. Meanwhile the long-term strategy is based upon choosing which other Knights to support, which to oppose, and how to do it. Comedy and storytelling is encouraged in the building of quests by the fact that Knights can freely decide how a problem might be solved, for example by inventing magic items to quest for or villains to slay, and by throwing a spanner into the works of other Knights by making their quests more complicated and dangerous. There are already a ton of examples in the text so it should be a pretty clear and hopefully amusing process.

    Rivalry is quite important because all Knights are fighting for the same basic prize: Honour. Whoever has the most at the end of the game is crowned the Royal Champion, which is probably a good thing because the current champion, Sir Frangible, spends most of his time hiding from people.

  • Just a quick note to people who've already shown an interest: if you still want to help out, please whisper me your email addresses so that I can send out the playtest document as soon as it's ready. I'm also still open to more testers if anyone's interested who hasn't replied yet.

  • Thanks to everyone who's offered to help so far. I'm currently slipping in some sample stat sets and priming the rest of the document to be distributed, so hopefully I should be sending it out on Monday or the latest.

  • Everyone who's already whispered me their email should have a copy of the playtest document in their inbox now or soon. If anyone's still interested in joining the playtesting, it's not to late. Just whisper me your email and I'll add you to the list.

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