Give me your Waves

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Hey everyone,

I'm in the process of using Google Wave for various aspects of roleplaying,

Give me your waves.


  • Mine is and I've been wanting to get playing on there, it just hasn't happened.
  • Yeah...still trying to work through it, but I'm

    Not surprising really.
  • darren0hill at you know where
  • Hadn't heard of Wave yet. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm watching the long-ass intro video now. This looks awesome!

    Hey QHudspeth if you need an Invite I still have a bunch and I have a game an ongoing game of Donjon and we are recruiting for a Fudge game of Bunnies and Burrows.
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    Anyone have actual gaming waves address or transcripts that we can read?
  • Mind if I ask what you're doing with all these waves you're collecting?
  • As with any contact information that I am willing to share, you can find it in my Profile here (click my name).
  • ljw.wilpatrick@googlewave .com
    No space between the googlewave and .com
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    Posted By: Cedric PAnyone have actual gaming waves address or transcripts that we can read?
    I'm waiting to have at least one or two scenes done and then I will compile an AP of our Donjon. But nothing for now.
  • Hey Everyone,

    This wasn't so much give me your google wave addresses so much as share waves that you think are cool.

    My wave address (to be fair) is mackay.joshua@googlewave .com (ditto for the no spaces bit)

    That said, I've always been a big fan of making due, so I imagine I'm going to try to start some waves.

    If you guys are interested in something begining more or less at the moment, you can try my 3:16 as Warhammer 40k. but I must warn you that it started on 4chan and it will probably finish on 4chan if you know what i mean.

    the 316 game!w%2BXM-L6Gs8A

    A index of rpg games literally being played on the wave!w%2Bddu6YZcEB

    Let me know if these links work per say, as i'm sure is the same for many of you, most of this is new to me, and a learning experiance , and with any learning experiance expect bumps. That said, I think I will start a general wave with those who have responded here, and I'm sure we can think of something to do with it.

    Logos out
  • Logos,

    Just any Wave we think is cool or are you looking for a particular sub-set?
  • If someone want to organise a game on goole wave, where can he discuss about it (to recruit other participants, etc)?
  • anything you think is cool, that said if you also posted something I thought would be cool, and considering I post on story games, I'm sure you can figure out what im getting to here.

    That said, as for cedric's question, i suggest you check the wave, that i believe your invited too. It has a wave or two embeded that should be helpful.
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