[The Black Drop] Jason Morningstar, help me you're my only hope.

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I'm running The Black Drop tonight for some folks and I was looking at some maps and Google Earth of the Kerguelen Island. I can't find a Mt. Lyall - unless you tell me different, I'll assume it's the main peak, with the glacier on it, southwest of Port Corveaux.



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    It doesn't make a lot of difference, but here's an old map that shows it. It's on the north side of Val Studer kitty-corner to Mt. Crozier. On that map Port Couvreaux is on the end of the "Jackmann peninsula" and Betsy cove is unlabeled in Accessible bay.

    Betsy cove north of Lyall

    General area

    The unearthly pringlea antiscorbutica
  • Just in time. Thanks! Also - makes more sense for the Germans to be at Betsy Cove, in closer proximity to Mt. Lyall.

    Thanks again!
  • If you get a chance, pull up the Kerguelens in GMap -- damned thing is bigger than I thought! Like on-par with Tasmania. It's also mostly ice and snow.

    I Googled Kerguelens and found some fascinating paintings depicting life in the 1800s there. Penguins, lots and lots of penguins.
  • John, how did it go?
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    [Shouldn't be any bad spoilers in the following.]

    8 players showed up! I only had partial character sheets for 6 (the pregens from the adventure with names, professions, backgrounds, drives, sanity and stability scores). Fortunately I had extra blank character sheets, and two of the players were experienced with TOC. They made up complete characters while the others chose their investigative and general abilities. The two added characters were a British nurse and an American yello-journalist.

    I opened the game with the PCs on the boat in the galley. They immediately started talking in character with each other. I let that go on for a while, then had the captain come down and ask for any German speakers to come to the bridge to listen to these shortwave signals coming from a nearby boat...

    Later on they were back to chatting in the Galley, this time with the NPC expeditionaries. A PC managed to get his character seduced and taken down to the hold. Made his stability test...

    Investigation and gossip among the PCs triggered a few flashback scenes, and ramped up the paranoia pretty good before they even got to the island. After that they got creeped out by the colonist's wives and investigated Leon's workshop. When we broke up, 5/8 were preparing to follow the NPC scientists into the island interior to see what they were up to with all those explosives... The others were getting ready to bed down for the night in the settlement.

    The maps are a big help. They should be in the final published adventure.

    Next session is on the 25th. I hope to have most of the same players back for the fleeing, fighting, going crazy, and dying.

    Really fun adventure so far!
  • Thanks, John, glad to hear it. Eight people is a lot! You might want to up some of the challenges, if you know what I mean. There will definitely be maps in the final published adventure. Any tension between the physician and the professor? Who is Anita married to, and was Anita's player cool with picking?
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    Anita is married to Lederman. The player (female) didn't mind picking at all. No direct confrontations between the professor and the doctor - they have just avoided each other. The professor is going with the folks after Edgar and Andree de la Rue, while the doctor is staying in the settlement. Maurice was seduced by Andree. The Americans, Bullard and the reporter, both rebuffed her advances but not before she spilled the beans about a "greater destiny" awaiting them on the island. Maurice also pocketed some of the shards from the workshop.. sweet dreams! Desmarais, Maurice, and Dr. Waetchter are the three staying overnight in the settlement. If they survive they'll meet some of the Germans the next morning.

    To up the challenges for the "away" group I'll have fewer encounters with more of the remaining inhabitants of the island, rather than spreading them out. Time being another issue - I'd like to finish the adventure in one more 3.5 hour session. (Tough but I think doable.)

    8 is a lot, I usually play in groups from 3 to 6, but the players are all pretty much pulling their weight which is making my job a lot easier. They were having so much fun in the opening scene just chatting, that I felt a little bad interrupting with getting the adventure rolling.

    Next session : Thursday 2/25/2010.
  • Cool, one of the useful recent feedback points is that Anita is a little too passive, which I will amend. Thanks for the play-by-play!
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