Forge Midwest 2010

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I suppose I'll start this thread, to help out the people who don't pay specific attention to the Forge Conventions forum.

Forge Midwest 2010 is in the same place this year, the Best Western East Towne Suites in Madison, WI. March 19th-21st. If you have any questions, or want to help out, come to the planning thread at the Forge.

It's open to everybody, this includes you, if you're wondering. Yes, even if you don't post on the Forge, or here. Come on in and play, lurky.


  • Posted By: reactionCome on in and play, lurky.

    I don't think I can make it but I've attended 2 Forge Midwest conventions in the past and had a splendid time. Especially hanging with Mike and Ralph! Maybe I'm just recommending hanging out with Mike and Ralph specifically. But still worth a look :-)
  • We missed your lot last year, John. There was literally almost zero percent chance a wrestling match would break out.
  • This must change!
  • I believe it was Gandhi who said "You must be the change you want to see in the world, now let's wrestle."
  • This is comin' up :o
  • Make sure somebody owns making a "One Cool Thing" video! I've always wondered what Forge Midwest was like.
  • I will totally be there this year. If anybody has requests for stuff they want to play, let's hear it, maybe I'll run it.
  • John, if you come, I promise to let you hang out with me...
  • No one had a camera to do One Cool Thing.

    However, if you're on twitter, totally tweet #1coolthingIsawatFMW
  • Shit. Who's missing a copy of Dogs?

    [xposted where-ever I could.]
  • Also I found a bluish iPhone case. Let me know if it's yours!

    The con was great fun! I played MLWM run by Tim K., Fiasco run by Tim J., and Universalis run by Mike H.
  • Had a great time...thanks to everyone who put this together!
  • I'd love to hear more about how the event went, and what games got played, and so on. Anybody want to share their experience?
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    I just finished writing a note on Facebook about my thoughts on the different games I got to try at FMW. It should be viewable by anyone, assuming this URL works:
  • Does Forge Midwest always happen in March? 'Cause DAMN, that's awfully close to your local Portland convention (Gamestorm, which is happening in like TWELVE HOURS!!1!1) and that's too bad.

    Is there a Forge Anywhere Else convention?
  • Posted By: JoelIs there a Forge Anywhere Else convention?
    It's just a mini-con, like Go Play Northwest, Camp Nerdly, Nerdly Beach Party, etc.
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    Speaking of scheduling, I'd love to push it a week or two forward next year, if at all possible. Is a year ahead of time too early to start planning? It was almost good weather this year, except for the haily blizzard. Maybe the beginning of April? It looks like Easter is late in the month next year, which helps.

    On that note... Willow: need any help, organizational or otherwise? I'm always willing to help out, and my wife's like some sort of organizational ninja. With reach.
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