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We are very pleased to announce that, in conjunction with Coyote Press over in Italy, we are about to release an Italian Translation of Solipsist, with new art, new corrections and new content included. (Announcement here)

I've held off on announcing this because it was very much a work in progress, but now I've been given the official go-ahead to advertise, so here I go!

Coyote Press, as you may know, have already done lovely translations of Covenant and Cold City, which have been very well received, and they approached me a year or so back about doing a new version of Solipsist for the Italian market. It was supposed to be out last year, but their busy publishing schedule forced it back a bit. However since the Autumn I've been busy supplying corrections and clarifications for the new book, which will include all of the errata and corrections, as well as some expanded rules sections and new artwork, as well as a new design that will show off Coyote's excellent layout abilities (so I'm told).

You can learn more about Coyote at http://coyotepress.blogspot.com/


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    I confirm the book is in print and it will be introduced to the market at Play 2010 in Modena, this incoming week. (EDIT: this is the official announcement on Play 2010 web site http://www.play-modena.it/archives/2733)

    The new layout involves the Shadow chapter only, for which we inverted the schema and made it negative ^^
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