[Microdungeons Game] Enter the Dungeon!

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Yeah, so there was this thread a little while ago, about how DWeird was playing some microdungeons games with a resolution mechanic Benhimself came up with. Anyway, I liked it a lot. So much so, that I formalized the rules and added a bunch of stuff to them, in order to flesh them out a bit. cuz i r gaim ziner soz i ritez a gaymz.

It's called Enter the Dungeon.

Check it out, I hope you like it.

(PS: Feel free to comment here, of course, but if you'd like to give me feedback on the rules or just discuss them in-depth, we should maybe do that over on Praxis.)


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    Looks good! We'll definitelly playtest this at earliest convenience.

    I especially like the GM section of the rules and having to roll different-sized dies. It's a great innovation from the original and eliminates a lot of the, well, bungling that characterises this game's GMing...

    I'm still going to call the system Roll for Shoes, though, as I find that name nifty, more memorable, and more in tune with my preffered theme of zaniness, which I believe this system supports much easier than regular dungeoncrawl. But I know for sure that people have used it for non-zany ends, so perhaps I'm wrong here? Dunno!
  • Thanks. I think you're right, zaniness is good. I just didn't want to write it up totally generic.
  • Just read this. I love simple, creative systems. For me, I read them and think "Why would I ever want something more toothy than this?" I know that's just my simplistic corner of the universe and I do like playing Savage Worlds, so I'm not trying to slam more complicated systems. It's just that Enter the Dungeon looks like a ton of fun and would certainly scratch the itch I have to play awesome fantasy exploration and mission-based games. I dig the addition of the roles (seeker, guide, and changeling). That's some strong mojo to add as a kickstart for the storyline.

    Have you started a thread on Praxis? Any new AP threads coming?
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