Help Me Name My Game Company

Yes, it's a bit of a premature vanity, but I've been kicking around names for my game company/imprint for several months now. I've thought of many that are good but not perfect: Madly Designed Games (based on my initials), Why Not Glut Dada Games? (an anagram of my full name), and a few others. I thought I had settled on one, Manutius Press, only to find that there already *was* a Manutius Press! (It's a reference to Umbert Eco's novel, Foucault's Pendulum, for those who are curious).

So I'm back at square one. I feel obligated to have the initials of the company be my initials (MDG), since that allows the last word to be "Games," but even that's not set in stone. So this post is for people to either suggest awesome names for my company or ask me questions about me, my interests, and my (potential) games, in order to help me settle on one. I'll be cross-posting this in a few places, gathering the input, and making a decision in the coming days and weeks. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help!

-Matthew Douglas Gandy


  • Matt's Dubious Games
  • I'd try and find something:
    * Short
    * Easy to Spell
    * with an available Domain Name
    * without other companies that you could get confused with

    With the exception of MDG the computer company... I'd go with "MDG"... "M.... D.... Games" is probably a good formula to use.

    My dilemma is that my website has a PageRank of 6 (same as Monte Cook and the Forge) -- but it's not a Game focused site, and I don't know that "Design Meme" is a good name to start creating games under. Adding games to my current site could also dilute the content that people are visiting for... which is why I haven't been posting and RPG stuff there.

    Then again, I'd rather post details of my game to my PR 6 site, than a new PR 1 site nobody has heard of or visits...

    Not sure what the best solution is...
  • I vote for Matt's Dubious Games! Madly Designed Games works too. Or how about Madly Different Games? The anagram is a bit horrible though, so leave that one!
  • Magically Delicious Games
  • Mad Doctor Games?
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    Or go the "self-name seal" route; "Matt Gandy Productions" or " M Gandy Press"


    "MC Pernicious Matt and the Wild yet Wonderous Funhouse of Horrors, LLC"
  • I yapped this over on his LJ, but I kinda like the simplicity of: "My Damn Games!"
  • Rock Solid Ghetto Shiznit Games

    Ghandi Games
  • I like My Damn Games! too.

    Do you have a website? If I knew more about you, I'd be better able to help.
  • what type of games are you making?

    I chose "Inciteful" for a few reasons:

    It's a play on words. insightful + incite (as in, to incite a riot) = Inciteful.
    Insightful, because its deep, probing gameplay.
    Incite because its aggressive, hit-you-in-the-face, and gritty in subject matter.

    I chose a molotov cocktail for a few reasons: I find this sincere beauty in wanton destruction.
    My games re-enforce that.
    So does a molotov.

    Also, molotov and incite go well.

    Also, I fucking love molotov cocktails, as an image/icon/thing to romanticize.
  • Please take this in the spirit it's meant - we've had dinner together, so you should imagine my sense of humor behind this: Cart in Front of the Horse Games.

  • Posted By: Clinton R. NixonPlease take this in the spirit it's meant - we've had dinner together, so you should imagine my sense of humor behind this: Cart in Front of the Horse Games.
    Bwaha! And an entertaining logo would accompany it.
  • Fred, you make me that entertaining logo, and I'll seriously consider it. :)
  • Have you considered that, since you are the only person in your "company" that your brand is, in fact, your name? That is, I think that in the future that I'm going to avoid putting any company name on the books I put out, and just rely on my name to sell the games.

  • Mike,

    Fair point, but, as other have implied, I have no name. I have no name, because I have no game. Besides, I really like the G = Games thing.
  • Thanks, Mike. I came to this thread to say just that.

    Matthew, you don't have a name because you don't have a game. But when you do, you will.

    Start building the brand now. Basing the initials on yours is good, I think, but it's kind of an easter egg: nice to discover, but not obvious enough to draw the association for your audience.


    What about just "A Matthew D. Gandy Game?"

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