[Bogeyman] Who's Coming to Get You?

We all have our little secrets.

Some are big, others small. They may be dirty, shameful or dire, soaked in the blood of the victims they claimed, burning in the embarrassment of their memory or the raging madness that can lurk behind even the kindest eyes. For some secrets, their keepers would die if they should be revealed. For others...

Would you kill to keep your secrets, or would your secrets kill for you?

Hush... do you hear that? The gently padded footfall, the click of claws on stone, the screech of rusted metal-on-metal and the roar of the distant thunder? Can you keep a secret?

The Bogeyman is Coming.

Bogeyman is a role-playing game of personal horror, where ordinary folk struggle against fearsome creatures born of the dark recesses of their own minds. This 164 page book contains a complete role-playing system specially designed with horror in mind. Plan your strategies carefully and play your cards well, for death is often only a shadow's breadth away. Use bluff and chicanery to mislead your opponents and keep a tight grip on the sweat of your brow. It may be the only advantage you have.

A complete, card-based role-playing system carefully crafted to enhance tension and reduce the need for tedious bookkeeping.
A detailed and fascinating account of the Bogeymen, creatures born from the skeleton in the closet. Who's coming to get YOU?
The Thunderstorm Method, an innovative game pacing mechanic designed to emulate the thrills and frights of horror movies.
Lavishly illustrated with the works of Dan Verkys, a true master of the macabre and of deeply disturbing art.


  • Ooh! This is just my kind of thing.

    Got any links to online reviews, AP reports etc.?
  • Not yet, alas :( but thanks for reminding me, I do need to send a review copy or two out.

  • Oooooooooohhhh, I need this game.

    If it is as awesome as it sounds, I may run it at PAX west this summer.
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