Hey, I came across a reference to Shock: on Wikipedia (I can't remember if I put it there), but it occurred to me that I should put a page there.

But I don't have time to. I'm supposed to be doing stuff. So I wrote a stub that doesn't meet the minimum requirements.

Anyone else want to fill in?

The page is over here.


  • I don't feel qualified to write about how the game works, but I tried to make it look more "official."

  • Just write what you want! It's Wikipedia, after all. It needs citations and an assertion of notability. I'm not sure what the standards are for the latter.

  • Notability standards are quite vague. You might be able to stand out at least with a stub based on the fact that Shock is a rather unique take on a Sci-Fi RPG so it contrasts with other more popular and well known Sci-Fi RPGs.
  • I added something, but still not much. I guess it also needs a cover image :)

    The wiki page is lamenting that no page links to it, I think this, also, is easily fixable.
  • Look at other (sci fi) RPG pages, especially major ones, and see how the SemanticWiki tags are being used. You'll get backlinking VERY fast, that way.
  • As per Wikipedia standards, I'm not really the person to do this stuff, though. That's why I came here to ask for help.

  • Ah, hell--I know nothing about Shock (sorry!) and my SemanticWiki Fu is weak at best. I might be able to suss something out though, WRT Categories and such...?
  • What you can do is write a blog post about Shock, sort of a history and overview - that can then be referenced by other people in the article.
  • AFAIR blog posts are verboten as references by Wikipedia, but I could be wrong (or they could have relaxed a bit)
  • JACN,

    Are the reviews linked to from the Shock: web site pretty decent references? Are you aware of any other good reviews/summaries?
  • It looks like the article's all koshered up. Thanks, folks!

    The only missing part is a biography of me, but whatevs.

  • Yeah, I simply added a link in the "Rpg by name" and "Rpg by genre" pages, and the "orphan" problem went away. I guess it should also be linked from the social science fiction page itself, maybe.
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