[Danger Patrol] Enter...the Danger League!

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Pretty much from the first time I emailed John to tell him how much I enjoyed Danger Patrol I’d been nattering on about how it could do super heroes really well with some tinkering. I finally sat down, did the tinkering, and would like some input on it. I added a card to the chargen and did some reworking of the other two but the setup is basically the same. I had a couple thematic things I wanted to see more of such as getting as many bonus dice as possible. Several of the powers affect bonus dice and the additional card gives the player even more things to check off. I wanted the Origins to each have a distinctive feel but I wanted them also to be open ended enough that you could make just about any super hero or villain you could imagine so there are three that are sorta build-your-own-origins while still, hopefully, having their own flavor. I also like minions and henchmen as small threats to tie up super heroes so I included more powers that let them hit multiple Threats. However, even if they weren’t using one and what they were doing was really cool, I let them do it anyway. Lastly, I’m working flashbacks into more of the game than just the “Previously On…” section since, as all good comic nerds know, continuity is a reward unto itself and we want to create as much of it as possible as fast as possible. I’m thinking of ways to encourage that more, though, so please let me know what you think of Retcons, Bold New Directions and the like. I’m not a graphic designer so I just put it together quick and dirty in Word so it could be tested. Please download, play it and let me know what you think of it!

My group tried it out last night and here are a few highlights.
• Everybody felt the need to give themselves a love interest in their “Last Issue…” section including the robot (he rides in her pocket as a handful of pennies most of the time).
• Copper Lincoln, Robot Malleable Daredevil, is the sensational character find of 2010. He sprung into existence when somebody accidentally dropped a handful of pennies into the Large Hadron Collider and spent a lot of the game split into a thousand tinier versions of himself. At one point he tried to turn a villain’s powers against his minions by having each of the tiny Lincolns grasp the ankles of another to form a giant, copper CB antennae as a power conduit.
• The Mighty Samson, Altered Human Powerhouse Warrior, fights crime with a giant barber pole and gains his powers from mysterious hair tonic. A priestess of Neptune from the undersea nation of Pacifica is in love with him because her myths tell of a savior who fights with a striped club. They can never be together, though, because Samson reverts to his lackluster alter ego if his hair gets wet and the tonic washes out.
• The Stag Beetle, Cybernetic Insectoid Protector, was described as the love child of Blue Beetle III and Hego from Kim Possible.
• Villains: alien cockroaches, Le Toupee and his rototic minons Le Cleepers, and the Mechanist and his Improbable Mechanations.
• The Stag Beetle’s alter ego, Buck Kord, is a formula one racer in his secret identity.
• Copper Lincoln disguised himself as coins in a bank heist and, therefore, lost bits of himself when some of the space roaches got away. This kind of thing apparently happens a lot.
• Samson kept on creating moves based on haircuts including the time he knocked out three or four robots with “Saturday Sale” by yelling “Everybody gets a haircut!”

I hope that piques the interest! Links to the files are found below. Thanks in advance for input!



  • I've been following the development of this hack with interest. If "squealing excitement" qualifies as "interest."

    I'm totally in love with the Bold New Direction rule. I think I'm stealing that one.
  • This is very, very funny.

  • I like what I see so far. It shames me that I haven't been working on my kung fu version of Danger Patrol lately (...keep getting distracted by superheroes and stormtroopers).
    I feel that as my punishment, I must make fancy superheroish versions of your Origin, Role, and Power cards, so people can start printing them out and getting into the superhero fun!!

    ...and I have a couple of superhero-addict friends who are gonna want to try this out straight away!
  • Gremlin, I've decided to share your shame because it never even occurred to me to turn DP into a kung fu game. Part of this might be due to the amount of mental real estate pulp and comic book heroes occupy in my brain but that is a shallow, shallow excuse. I look forward to the fancy versions of my sad little Word doc cards! Let me know what your guys think of the hack!
  • Finished!!
    You can download the Danger League character cards HERE.

    ...I probably need to do some spell checking, but my brain is tired now.
  • Once again, Story Games wins.
  • Josh: this is hot stuff and The Mighty Samson is friggin hilarious. I'm pretty sure I can get some folks to play this.

    Michael: Wow! Sweet cards. Thanks so much! What did you use may I ask?

    I have a love of all things kung-fu and have two different kung-fu FATE hacks. I could totally see a two or three card template mix to make up a suitable kung-fu hero. Fighting Style/Chi Powers/etc. Oh the sweet potential of bonus die attack moves - "Flaming Rooster Palm!" "Unfathomable Plum-Blossom Stance!"
  • Posted By: nemomemeWhat did you use may I ask?
    I have a love of all things kung-fu and have two different kung-fu FATE hacks. I could totally see a two or three card template mix to make up a suitable kung-fu hero. Fighting Style/Chi Powers/etc. Oh the sweet potential of bonus die attack moves - "Flaming Rooster Palm!" "Unfathomable Plum-Blossom Stance!"
    As for what was used, old-school InDesign CS1. Made a basic template to use for the cards, and then entered the variable information individually.

    And on the subject of a Danger Patrol kung fu, "Flaming Rooster Palm" is actually VERY close to how I was writing things up. Characters would have five total cards, a Role (scholar, warrior, bandit, etc.), a stylistic Background (Old Master, ...from Wu-Tang, ...with White Hair, etc.), a Path (five Chinese elements, Heaven, Earth, and Buddha), a Style (animal forms), and Form (a particular attack type or stance). The Path, Style, and Form I envisioned as being useful on their own, but when all three components are combined together, they form your Ultimate Technique, such as "Flaming Rooster Palm." Actually, when I originally was writing my notes, one of the combinations was "Flaming Cock Chop." All together, with eight options per card, there would be over 32,000 combinations (which thrilled the hell out of me). But whenever I try to write up the necessary details for each card, something comes up to distract me.

    Since I'm going to participate in the Design a Game in a Month thing on Praxis, maybe I'll try to finish it (which I plan on calling "Eight Fists of Danger"), either that or my Stormtrooper game called "Screw You, Rebel Scum!"

    ...or maybe both. But that may overextend my limited brain.
  • Hey Michael,

    The cards are awesome, but just as a point of constructive criticism, it seems to me that the role should be in the third slot, and the powers in the second slot. That is, instead of a Mystic Detective Feral, you should have a Mystic Feral Detective. Just so that the final combined descriptor can be read nicely. In all seriousness, though, awesome job.
  • Posted By: veritascitorit seems to me that the role should be in the third slot, and the powers in the second slot.
    I was initially going to do that, but the way the design worked out, I needed more space for the Role abilities than the Power abilities. Maybe when Josh makes any changes or additions, I'll try another arrangement. Plus, when designing on-screen, it was kinda hard to tell how legible everything would be when printed...and my house printer is crap. So when I get back to my copy-monkey job on Monday, I'll be able to print out a copy, and start making red-pen marks.

    And I love creative criticism. All I usually get from my customers are nagging criticisms.
  • Not exactly kung fu, but I did an anime-esque martial arts hack of the alpha a while back.

    There were animal-based styles, and I forget what the roles are. I ought to dig that up, it went over well with my players.
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