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I come from Salgan al Sol, the Spanish speaking community responsible for the translations for Donjon and The Shadow of Yesterday a couple of years ago.

After some talk, we have some volunteers and plan to start this new project. We are still organizing things in here, but even while the text's CC license gives us free rein about things, we wanted upfront to let you know about it.

So, Clinton and Eero, if it is ok with you we want to start translating the text.

We'd be basing our translation on the pure HTML version, and will most likely proceed to translate The World of Near too. We'd be adding some extra stuff in there (the same way we did back with TSOY the last time), so if there are any helpful stuff we could include, please share (linky!).

Once we finish translating we intend to do some graphical design stuff, and then we'll share the new translated version. (Is there any related CC stuff we could use/should know about?)


  • That sounds like a fine project! The HTML version of the SS text is accurate insofar as I know. The WoN text at the Janus website had some weirdness when I looked at it a while back - mixed up the text somehow in places.
  • Trivia question. Why is the Solar System called like that?
  • My understanding is that Clinton chose the name frivolously, that's all - perhaps as a off-hand comment on the habit of rpg designers to give grandiose names to their game systems as somehow separate from the games they come with. So it's a lame pun, which I do admit is a bit unfortunate for a generic system with more traction than many. Difficult to google, for one thing.

    I think that the name comes up for the first time in 2005, some time after the publication of the Fudge edition of TSoY. Clinton published a stripped down version of the game's rules text as a text file in the Internet at that time, calling it "Solar System", I think?
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