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I am just now getting around to running Agon, after years of trying to coordinate a game of it. The trick: It's a one-shot, with six players, and I'm concerned that Fate will simply break the game. Without long-term life to keep players from spending Fate constantly, to resist damage if nothing else, I'm wary that everyone will rush their characters into retirement. I have a few ideas in mind to keep things in check, but I thought I'd see what wisdom you all have to share with me, too. Any advice is welcome.

Thanks much.



  • Hi Will,

    Wilhelm Fitzpatrick came up with a one-shot "scoring system" that is kind of nifty. It's on the wiki:


    Maybe that'll do the trick.
  • Maybe you could require all players to be demi-gods? I don't know if that would be a high enough starting fate to make over-spending costly enough, but at a minimum it would give the one-shot some extra "high power" oomph
  • Thanks, y'all. I'm not sure the arithmetic from that system is going to work out for us — my group may lose interest if I whip out a calculator to determine the night's glorious victor. Perhaps I'll just subtract double the Fate from each player or something? That's probably not right. :)

    JPRussell: Right on. I'm starting many of them off as half-divine, anyway, just because it's a little more spectacle and encouraging to them. Selecting whether to have Fate left or a bigger Name is meant to be part of the character-choosing decision at the beginning. We'll see how it goes I guess.

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    If I was doing a one shot, I might do something like: each use of fate removes one injury, along with the usual effects, and fills in/uses up 1d6 (or name die!) fate boxes.
  • For a one shot I'd probably just give everyone 2 fate to spend, 1 if a god's child, and let them spend it where they may. Or possibly 1 and 0.
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