[Apocalypse World] Deadwood, Wild West and Apocalypse World

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Anyone considered running a game set in the Wild West, I'm thinking like Deadwood for inspiration, with the Apocalypse World engine?

Here's some class conversion ideas:

The Angel - The Doctor - Doc Cochran
The Battlebabe - The Sheriff - Seth Bullock
The Brainer - The Reverend - Reverend Smith
The Chopper - The Gang Leader - Mr. Wu maybe? Or, some kind of outlaw gang leader... Can't think of anyone off the top of my head.
The Driver - The Rider - Calamity Jane or maybe Silas Adams
The Gunlugger - The Gunslinger - Wild Bill Hickok
The Hardholder - The Proprietor - Al Swearengen
The Hocus - The Politician - Sol Starr or maybe E.B. Farnum
The Operator - The Henchmen - Dan Dority
The Savvyhead - The Professional - A.W. Merrick
The Skinner - The Whore - Joanie Stubbs


  • YES.

    Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy is an influence on AW, far as I know. It's a western but it's also apocalypse world.

    The frontier was a place of scarcity, lawlessness, brutality, and survival. Pretty much perfect for AW.
  • This seems like a generally awesome idea.

    Rewrite the all playbooks with the new flavour. This'll help you work out the setting it your head and help the player get into it. I suspect that the Driver might need the most retooling, maybe the Brainer and Hocus too. Shouldn't be hard, though. It actually sounds like a lot of lonely fun!

    Also, don't forget to make up a list of names. A long list.
  • I think the "snake-oil salesman" con-man type might work somewhere between a Brainer and a Hocus.

    But yeah, I'd just make new playbooks entirely.
  • Bloody brilliant.
  • This video for Red Dead Redemption (the western video game) is really inspiring me to play some Wild West AW.

    Life in the West

    Pretty good summary of the era.
  • Awesome impulse, Michael.

    I'm really looking forward to RDR.

    I rarely need additional inspiration for Wild West role-playing - Dust Devils is one of my favorite games.

    There was a new class in the preview version of AW (can't recall the name), that might fit Joanie better than a Skinner. If not her than Cy for sure...
  • Surely The Hocus would be the Reverend.
  • Wicked Sweet, please share whatever you come up with
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    It's funny you mention Red Dead Redemption, because that's exactly where I got the idea. :)

    And, true enough on the Hocus being the Reverend. I'm not sure if the Brainer would have a parallel at all. I was trying to find a parallel for each of them.
  • Maestro D'! Ah! Brilliant. :) Forgot about that class as I so often do.
  • The brainer almost strikes me as an advisor/character study/ manipulator type person.

    I'd almost for for Cy Tolliver...
  • Maybe E.B. Farnum is the brainer... He always seems to have his hands in everybody's business and always manipulating people (for better or worse).


    Farnum and Swearengen at a table --

    I'm optimistic Al. And she's promised
    a prompt reply.

    I'd've thought she'd say yes on the

    A thought seems to occur to Swearengen --

    You did offer the whole twenty.

    Farnum appears to take umbrage --

    How can you even ask me that?

    The tone of Farnum's reply seems to prompt further doubt in
    Swearengen --


    Farnum can't hold it in --

    I offered twelve --

    Swearengen slams his hand on the table in a show of
    exasperation --

    Did I ask you to play her? Can't you
    follow one simple fucking instruction?

    She will take the twelve Al and be
    happy to get it, and all you'll have
    to decide is how much of that eight
    you saved should go to me.

    You're incorrigible.

    Perceiving Swearengen as resigned, Farnum's cheerfully
    relieved --

    I do my best.
  • That sounds like an Operator operating to me.
  • Farnum's an Operator, yeah. The closest to a Brainer would be Hearst, maybe? "The boy the earth talks to"? Sounds like an "opening your brain" kinda deal.
  • Oh yeah, forgot about him. He was a nasty piece of work. Shame he basically "won" at the end of the series. Also pretty much the only character that ever got the best of "Swegen"
  • sorry about spoilers... :( hadn't realised :(
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