[ Hell For Leather ] Tokyo Network Massacre

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So during InterNosCon'10 I had two games of HFT, and this was the first... an unofficial event that happened after dinner.

Frame: standard Network set-up
Connection: we are prison inmates to whom the network offered a second chance, IF we survive to claim it
Drop-Off: dining-hall of a penitentiary complex located somewhere on a distant island
Destination: roof of the Network's skyscrape in Tokyo
Checkpoint 1) escape the prison
Checkpoint 2) blow up the Pentagon
Checkpoint 3) steal an experimental VTOL vehicle from NASA

Jack-Ass, the abusive muscle-man who is a StuntMan
Nico, the arrogant madman who is intimidating
Adam, the obsessive hacker who is like McGuyver
Smith, the negligent Master-Mind who is lucky
Samantha, the negligent Femme Fatale who is fascinating

We burned fast through all the available Felony but didn't buy any.
We got well to the 3rd Checkpoint but then things went south and we entered the Finale with lots of Traumas :P
There, we opted for the Final Mission option ... one of us survived long enough to enter the 4th stage, but then died :P

It was a lot of fun, everyone enjoyed it immensely, and we also gathered a small cheering crowd around us when Nico's Player ( 3evil ) was attempting the Final Mission; he had very very VERY shakey hands and the "Collapse & Die" thing made them worse... he took about 5 minutes and a lot of drama every time he raised the Heat ^_^

All players were new to the game, and the game ended in about 3h.

The game was high-action from start to finish, when half Tokyo blew up with us inside.
We had scenes with helicopters crashing on prison inmates, helicopters crashing on skyscrapers ... I think at some point an helicopter crashed on an helicopter >_<

Low gore, high action, uber-cheesy :D
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