Any Story Gamers in the Muskogee/Tahlequah area?

I've just recently moved to the Muskogee/Fort Gibson/Tahlequah area in Oklahoma. Anybody else in this general vicinity? Tulsa maybe?


  • You might want to put the loc/state in your post title to attract people from that state/area.

  • You should've polled for this before you moved, obviously. You could've chosen a location conducive to roleplaying.
  • Good call, Andy.

    Hehe, Eero, that's a good idea, but I didn't have options :)
  • My friend Bryan is in Tulsa. I'll get him in touch with you.
  • I'm in Edmond. Ever get down OKC way?
  • Stillwater.
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    Hey, this is cheering news! I know of one other Story Gamer in the OKC area - do we have critical mass for the occasional meetup?

    It's a bit hard for me to get out of OKC, since my wife and I share a car and she commutes to grad school at OU. But I'd be happy to provide a venue (either at my place or on the UCO Campus, where I teach) plus comestibles. Also a place to crash, assuming you dudes aren't, like, cannibals or John Belushi wannabes.
  • I have reason to visit OKC sometimes so if there's a good game convention in OKC or Tulsa or heck, even Muskogee, and 4 to 12+ gamers who'd like to play 4 to 6+ games of Apocalypse World / Don't Rest Your Head / Dogs in the Vineyard / Lacuna and would seriously commit to showing up, I'd definitely consider flying out for it. My email is cdr at

    Go Play OK, anyone?
  • It is a sad, sad fact that there don't appear to be any conventions in Oklahoma. We should do something about that.

    I don't get out to OKC very often anymore, but eventually I'll get a new car and that'll change.
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    I'm all for the idea of GoPlay OK. The state is not devoid of conventions; Soonercon, as a matter of fact, is coming up this weekend - mainly literary, but there's plenty of gaming, including a midnight WoD larp. And I attended Stillcon back in March. It was mainly Magic and Pathfinder wonks, but I managed to run an absolutely hysterical pickup game of Fiasco there.
  • I've got three players here, and another that moved to OKC, and a bunch of pals in Norman, at least two of which I could count on coming to something like that. That makes 7 when you include me.
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    Wow, that's, like, seven times the number of Story Gamers in this state that I ever expected to find!

    The trick, of course, will be staying in touch. Perhaps we should inaugurate a new Google or Meetup group, or something similar. Any strong feelings on what the best venue for this sort of thing might be?

    BTW, in my spare time I'm the faculty sponsor for the institutional Chess and Games club for the University of Central Oklahoma. This gives me access to university space, as well as a dozen or so bright and willing undergraduates who could act as guinea pigs for some of our devious experimentations. They're already big fans of Robin Laws' Pantheon, and Daniel Solis ran a very well-received playtest of DO: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple here last year. So there are definite long-term possibilities.
  • For a while each of the three game stores here in Stillwater ran their own con. Stillcon is the lone survivor.
  • As Mark has noted, I'm up here in OKC near Bricktown. I probably won't have a free weekend for the rest of this month though.
  • I have a small group of guys in OKC that are story game-ish. We're certainly trying a lot of them and expanding our horizons and do a lot more of that than anything else but we're still kinda noobish at it. Man, this is a lot more Oklahoma presence than I expected at the beginning of this thread!
  • Hey, I'm not just into story games. I'm down for some OD&D, and I've been dying to experience RIFTS and the HERO system. (Admittedly partially because I think I could improve on them in certain ways, but also because they sound interesting)
  • OK, here are two concrete suggestions for y'all to chew on:

    1) An Oklahoma Indie RPGs Google Group. Actually this is more than a suggestion; I've already set one up. Go to the homepage here or whisper me your e-mail addy and I'll sign you up.

    2) Game night in Edmond! Say, some evening during the week of June 14th? My schedule is pretty flexible, so the date's up to you guys. I suggest we start up with some fairly rules-lite game (*cough* Fiasco *cough*) but this too can be open for deliberation. We could meet at my place or I could reserve us a suitably sepulchral room somewhere on campus.
  • Thought I'd give this topic one more boost in the hopes of recruiting a few more Story Gamers out here in lonesome Oklahoma to join the Google listserv I've set up here. Go ahead and add yourself, or whisper me here if you'd like to be added.
  • Just signed up! Don't know how often I'll be able to join up for a game (Josh is aware of my unreliability) but I'm happy to be included in the discussion.
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