Experiencing vs Remembering

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What games feed the Experiencing self?
What games feed the Remembering self?


  • I ran a quick session of Danger Patrol today.
    This notion on how to interpret happiness in two ways, of experiencing self and remembering self, was still on my mind.

    There was a point during the fight where I came up with some quirky, funny spot-on dangers for the game—and my experiencing self, what I once considered my Flow, was happy.

    Given that I spawned too many low level threats, the combat sort of petered out. The big end, was putting out a small fire. So, now my remembering self, as I recall the game, isn’t super jazzed about it. It was fun play, but my remembering self wouldn’t say it was super-fun, happy play.

    I think, had I paced the threats better, give a good big bad a larger threat, then the end would have happened more dramatically. And that type of intense ending would have a better chance of impressing my future remembering self.
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