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  • Ok, so when can I get this game. Is it online? Can I buy it soon? There's some splats on the website. I know, I'm late to the party, but I couldn't find this info anywhere.

  • I'm pretty sure it should be out in the next couple weeks.

    This quote is from Vincent's blog:

    On 2010-05-26, Vincent wrote:

    In 8 days (7 days now) the book's body is done. Then I give it an index (and in the process, a last proofing pass), fiddle with the cover, fiddle with the character playbooks, fiddle with the MC sheets, make some pricing decisions, make some logistical decisions, put off some logistical decisions that I really oughta make now, change my mind about some of the illustrations, change it back, change it again for reals, get into pointless arguments on the internet to take my mind off it, and have GenCon anxiety dreams every damn night.

    After that I open preorders.
  • Well, thank god. I'm trembling with antici-pation!
  • *Finally*, proof that someone else in the world other than me doesn't already have this game!
  • Oh, it's not just you.
  • And I make three. Or is it four? Stupid, simple math...

    Anyway, looking forward to grabbing this up.
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    I've also heard good things and can't wait to read and play it for myself (especially the MC Playbook I've been hearing so much about).

    Update from Vincent's blog:

    On 2010-06-13, Vincent wrote:

    Ha. Done.

    It looks like I'm going to be publishing Apocalypse World after all. (That's a joke there, son.)

    All that's left is a final printout, a final proofread, and an index. Preorders and PDF sales opening the week of the 21st, could be. In print at the end of July.

    But first, a couple of days off, and to catch up on some other biz I've been letting slide.

    Damn. Done.
  • Should probably split it to another thread, but, erm, what's The Players' Refbook book, that we're getting $2 off for? I take it it's not a one book deal?
  • Aaaaaand preordered. :) Been playing the preview version with my regular indie group as well as one-on-one with my wife, so I've already gotten my money's worth out of that one.
  • Guy, the Players' Refbook is a free PDF I'll also have in print. I'll be selling it at cost. It's not essential to the game, but it's convenient at the table.

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    Thanks Vincent. When do pre-orders end?
  • Tentatively, July 20. It depends a bit on how printing is going.

  • Is there anyway to buy this without going through PayPal? They don't like my NZ Debit Card.

    Maybe I should just get off my ass and get a Swedish bank account...
  • Mine! It is mine, I tell you! Bwahahahahaha!!!

    *runs off to the corner of the room clutching his PDF*

    Precious, my precious...
  • It's delicious.
  • The new artwork is really fucking hot.

    I rarely swear but Apocalypse World brings it out in me. Standard superlatives are insufficient; I require post-apocalyptic ones.
  • I ordered the shit out of this shit! Fuck!
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