Mouse Guard paper puppets/miniatures


  • I have never seen a game that was not improved by the introduction of puppets. Dead serious, I've done it a lot of times. This is completely awesome.
  • Brilliant find John.

    I sosososo want to run a sample game of Mouse Guard sometime. I'd probably benefit from playing with someone who's GMed it first though. The rules ... I just have not grokked yet.

    One thing about the paper folds puppets... Where does it show how to put there cloaks on and put their swords in hand?

    PS... I want to make a Black Axe puppet!
    Ooooooo.... and what about OTHER NPC puppet/oragami animals?

    PSS... this reminds me, I need to do a "Part II" (and wrap up chapter) to the Watership Down game I ran for my girlfriend and several of our non-gamer friends!

    great find though!
  • Posted By: jessecoombsWhere do you live?

    Not sure WHO you're talking to. But if it's me (since you posted right after I did) ... I live in Seattle (Magnolia), right down the street from John (who alerted us to this awesome!).

  • When do you want to play Mouse Guard Kev? I'm free next Monday all day and Tuesday night (July 12 & 13).
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