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Hi guys! I started a forum game of Apocalypse World (refer to this thread to see the initial discussion), and I need a bit of help coming up with scavenging moves for some large city ruins (think the D.C. ruins from Fallout 3).

I just took the name Hatchet City for the main holding (run by an NPC, but the Maestro D' basically holds most of the power), and it's on the outskirts of these ruins. I was thinking it would make for neat explorations and stuff, trying to scavenge valuables and avoid mutants or cannibals or other crazies that hide in there.

I was thinking of making several moves for different things, but mainly I need a good when you scavenge in the Ruin move. Any ideas?

On a slightly unrelated note, we totally have a "metropolis" of about 300-400 people called the Junkyard filled with hyper religious nuts following around a Hocus who made himself the messiah of the "Machine God". That is going to be a shitload of fun and I'm going to come back here with ideas to discuss with you lot, for sure.


  • Have you seen the original scavenge the ruins move? If so you want a variation on that? Otherwise use the one in the book (you can also find it floating around the forums). You might also check (Daniel Solis+)John Harper's Dead Weight hack, which is about scavenging a zombie infested city.

    And I think you're going to find more help regarding AW here: http://apocalypse-world.com/forums/index.php
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    Custom scavenging move:


    There's also a whole custom playbook devoted people digging through junk, if you want even more options.


    Of course, you could customize the custom move even further, adding in dangers or opportunities that are specific to *your* specific kind of apocalypse.

    And Machine Gods are the best kind of gods (followed closely by tentacle gods)! Make sure he crushes and stomps things!
  • Oh, jeeze, AW forums. Duh. Thanks, hehe.

    Yeah, I'll take a look at those! And the Dead Weight stuff.

    Daumantas: Yeah, Machine Gods are great. The best thing is the players think it's just in the minds of the crazy ass cultists. Heh. Wait until they explore the Junkyard...
  • One consideration I've given to "searching" is the mileage you can get simply out of the MC moves "Offer them an opportunity, with or without cost" and "Tell them the possible consequences, and ask."

    Like "Okay, where in the ruins do you want to go searching? Most of the 'safe' places have been looted pretty well by now. There's the Fallen Tower, but it glows weird colors at night, and people who scavenge there regularly tend to get kind of weird-sick. There's the Lincoln Tribe's territories, but they're all mutant cannibals, so, y'know, bringing guns and backup might be a good idea if you want to go there. Old Man Jackabacka says he found a decent stash hidden away somewhere, too much for him to carry, but he's always drunk off his ass on that foul weed-wine shit, and wants payment for the location up front. So... what do you do?"

    Then run with it. When figuring out if they find anything after all the difficulties are surmounted, just remember to keep the world real, and make their lives not boring. Or use one of the fine custom moves available, of course.
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    The advanced fuckery chapter also lists John Harper's custom move for scrounging, bottom of page 270.
  • That's Ben's scavenging move, that I then modified slightly. It's been good for us in play.

    But Ben is very right about using the MC moves to establish scavenging opportunities, especially if scavenging is a key part of your game.
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    Sounds good; I'm still wrapping my head around the game. Does anyone have any good AP links they could share? Is anyone else trying this out on a forum? I've pretty much read everything I could find on S-G as far as AP reports go, but I love reading them and would like to find more.

    I've been looking for this game since I started playing D&D in 1998. I'm really excited to gain fluency and tell some bitchin' stories and create some wicked hacks!

    Thanks for all the input, guys. I'll probably use this thread to ask a ton of questions and get feedback and talk about my game (and hope for others to use it as well). I'll go hang out at the AW forums, too.

    (so so so excited. Thanks Vx!)
  • I was gonna say that there's a few AP reports on the AW forums, but since you're there now, I suppose you know. Not a huge number so far, but they are detailed and good!
  • All of this is good. I love the AP reports. It's like, the style of GMing that Vx has prescribed just makes for excellent and educational AP reports. Everything I read about this game helps me run it better.
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