South Bay Story Games Day, 28 August 2010

We're on! 11AM-9PM at Game Kastle in Santa Clara, CA, 28 August 2010, it's South Bay Story Games Day! Please check out the Google group for the event, and the signup spreadsheet for organizing GMs/facilitators and games.

It's free, and it's going to rock. Spread the word, and I'll look forward to seeing folks there!


  • Bah! I'll be driving to Portland!
  • Portland is sadly very far away from Santa Clara! I'm sorry we'll be missing you.

    That said, barring some kind of really embarrassing catastrophe, we'll do this again in a couple of months. If we let all the fun pool in the East Bay, it might bioaccumulate in the pelicans and whatnot there, and then Oakland will be overrun with fish-eating birds with ineradicable Smilex-type grins. Better to promote good fun circulation, right?
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    I'm not sure what to run. The spreadsheet has two slots - a 2.5 hour medium slot (11:30 to 2:30) and a 5.5 hour long slot (3:30 to 9:00).

    I'm thinking about Steal Away Jordan or Lacuna for the short slot, and/or Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies for the longer slot. Maybe this thread could be a "want to run" and "want to play" set?
  • How far do you want the word spread? I could post it up on RPG Geekdo, if you'd like.

    (Well, really, so could you. :-) )
  • John: Surely you meant to say "3.5 hour slot", 11 - 2:30? I love the idea of Steal Away Jordan, and Lacuna was one of the games I pictured running in that slot. We can definitely use this thread as a run/want venue!

    In the short slot, I can run: Fiasco for me+2-11, Gun Thief/[secret amazing game] for me+2 or me+5, Lacuna for me+2-3, Puppetland + something else for me+2-5, A Penny For My Thoughts for me+2-3.
    As for the long slot, I'd really like to play in someone else's Apocalypse World game! If we need more seats, I will run AW for me+3-5. This I vow: I WILL NOT LEAVE THE STORE WITHOUT PLAYING APOCALYPSE WORLD.

    Dave: Please spread the word to Geekdo. I'm not a known quantity there - I feel like it would be better for a local to bring it up. I always feel weird and uncomfortable going to new forums and expecting spotlight, which I recognize is stupid but is how it is.
    If you could link to the Google group and the store's page, that would be helpful; if it's not an etiquette breach, linking to this thread would also be helpful. If you could link from this thread to your announcement, that would also be cool.
  • OK, I've announced on Geekdo.

    I'm not sure about etiquette concerns, so I didn't link this thread in that one. Colin, feel free to comment in that thread, to increase your known-quantity-ness over there. :-)
  • I could run Apocalypse World for 4 players in the long slot. I don't really have any 3-hour game ideas, but encourage John Kim to run Lacuna then.
  • I really wanna play some AW.
  • I was thinking of Steal Away Jordan for the 3.5 hour slot, and I'd be up for Carl running Apocalypse World (though it's not a requirement for me).

    Sounds like we'll need someone else to run AW as well, based on demand.
  • One way or another we'll get enough Apocalypse World seats to satisfy everyone. Ideally another person who's played/run it before will make him- or herself known sometime in the next month or so and there will be much rejoicing. If that doesn't happen, I will MC, and Carl will make me look like the AW noob I am :)
  • I could be convinced to MC AW.

    - Ryan
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    I mean, I've played it before. I'm playing two different games of it now, and starting a third with my own game group (one Wave, one play-by-post, and one tabletop). I'm just not that great at MCing in a con environment, or with strangers in general. I'm a much better player when I'm first meeting people.

    If someone wanted to MC it, though, I have a pretty strong grasp of the rules and would be willing to provide some level of support.

    Edit: Ryan, if you run it I will be a very excited player at your table. I've been thinking of playing a Savvyhead. Anyway, just wanted to throw my support at you.
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    How about some Hell for Leather (it's GMless)? Would people be interested in that? I just bought the game and got the .pdfs, and I'd be willing to provide the necessary materials if people wanted to play with me! I'd prefer it if people checked out the free version of the game and got up to speed with the rules; I am not a great teacher. I will try if I must, but if you wanna play Hell for Leather, you'd be doing yourself a favor by coming to the table well-informed! :)
  • Joey, do you see Hell for Leather as a short slot or a long one?
  • Short. I added something to the sign-up sheet; I hope that's what I was supposed to do.
  • Exactly what I hoped you'd do!
  • Sweet. So how about them Apocalypse World games, eh? :D

    I know I have said multiple times that I am scared of GMing for people I don't know, but I've been thinking if AW doesn't happen I will run/facilitate one of the following:

    Mortal Coil
    The Mountain Witch
    Conspiracy of Shadows

    If I can get some of my hood gangstas to come over with me, I'm sure I'll find my cajones and be capable of running something. I've just never run anything at a con, is all, and I have performance anxiety. I love the S-G crowd and I want you all to love me! :P

    Anyone have any preferences from the above three? I'd run my own AW game, but I haven't played it in person yet and I'd want more experience MCing before I try to make a game that is ostensibly anti-con work in that environment. Not that I think AW can't be run in a con environment; I just think it'd be really hard to get it right.
  • Although it's intended for longterm play, Apocalypse World works very well in a con environment if the players are an Operator and Crew.

    And with a bit of trimming I managed to fit "Blind Blue & Hatchet City" into 3 hours 40 minutes with 3 players at Endgame's minicon last Saturday, and 5 hours for 4 players is doable. I continue to work towards 4 players in 4 hours, but prefer the Operator and Crew scenario for that combo.
  • Posted By: Ryan MacklinI could be convinced to MC AW.
    Clearly you really want to do it, and furthermore add it to the signup spreadsheet, since you mentioned it. So do it already! :-)
  • An indie gaming event that's not way far away from me? Hell yeah!

    I went ahead and added a game to the morning slot. :3
  • See, if this keeps up, I can quit worrying about having a flexible slot in the morning and just commit to either Gun Thief/its evil twin or Fiasco: Manna Hotel. Thanks, guys!
  • I'm seriously debating running something in the longer slot, but I dunno what.
  • So... I can't help but notice that this event isn't mentioned on the Game Kastle website?
  • Yeah, not sure what there's demand for; I feel like my story games collection is seriously lacking.

    I could run Dread, ICONS or 3:16, but not sure if those fall outside of the boundaries of this game day

    Otherwise, I can do Baron Munchausen, Wilderness of Mirrors or Fiasco (any playset, really)
  • 3:16 would be really cool. I love that game.
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    It seems like we should have more "want to play" statements, since people can't decide what to run.

    I'd be interested in trying out Fiasco if someone else could organize it, or alternately Mortal Coil.
  • I would like to get the chance to try something I haven't tried before (I'm especially interested in Apocalypse World), but I can facilitate Fiasco in the evening slot if there's enough interest.
  • I've added Apocalypse World for 4 players in the evening slot (3:30-9pm).
  • I signed me and my buddy up for the AW game. Pretty excited.

    I'm bringing two dudebros who are new to the story gaming scene. I'm pretty excited about the venue--I didn't realize a gaming space was so close to me! I may have to have boardgame nights there from time to time.
  • Anyone else planning to run something in the evening? Looks like most of you prime movers are involved in AW.
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    Why not run something yourself? It'll be fun!

    I will begin very actively promoting after this weekend, by the way (after my son's birthday party and this other event that's going on) and would appreciate if people who are regulars on the Forge, or barf forth, could spread the word. Thanks! I've got a thread up on

    Also, I've gone ahead and firmed up my first-slot game to Fiasco, using the Manna Hotel playset (last month's Of The Month).
  • Want to play burning wheel or mouse guard!
  • I've recruited a few friends to come up from Santa Cruz with me; I'll post on the other fora I frequent soon.
  • I have actually added my game of AW to the roster, now that Carl's (at the same time) is full.

    - Ryan
  • Conversely, as no one has signed up for Steal Away Jordan, I plan to take it off the list and sign up for Colin's Fiasco game after a day or two.
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    Ryan - thank you!

    And I'm comfortable facilitating two (or more) tables of Fiasco if there's demand. I've updated my notes to reflect that. We'll have a game for everyone who wants in.
  • I haven't signed up for a morning game yet. I'm not all that interested in SAJ in a con environment, but would be willing to run something else that fits in that space.

    - Ryan
  • Updates:
    Both of the AW games are full now! Is there anyone else who might run it in the second slot? It appears that the South Bay's appetite for sexy competent badasses is bottomless.
    Also: Is anyone interested in running something other than AW in the second slot? Mouse Guard was mentioned, and that's an easy, fun game to run, right?

    Feel free to add tables to the morning or evening slots, too.
  • Since a friend of mine decided to also run Yuuyake Koyake (cute Japanese RPG) and took his friends with him, I now have *three* seats open in my game...
  • I could run Microscope, but I'd appreciate having a co-organizer who knows the game, since I haven't played it before.
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    I haven't played Microscope before, but I also have a playtest doc, and would love to try that in the first slot with you.

    - Ryan
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    I don't think there are any slots left in the early slot (unless we can just add them?). I'd be OK with the later slot, though.
  • It's definitely not a long-slot game.

    - Ryan
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    You can just add slots; we have up to eight tables per session I think. Ask Colin? He would know what's up.

    I only know a little about Microscope, but I'd love to play! Sadly I have a game in the early session. Well, it's not that sad really, but there's so much I wanna play and so little time!
  • Alright, I added it to the schedule. Now go sign up! ;-)

    Is anyone else planning to run some later-slot games? I'd love to play in the later round, but all the current slots are already full.
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    Add tables in the morning if you like! Joey has it right, we're set up for four double tables = eight actual tables for now (it's like buying TP!), and can get more if we need them. More games is more fun.

    And yes, we need some more games in the later slot. I'm going to continue to try shameless begging for a little while longer. PRETTY PLEASE, everyone, if you have a game you think would run well in the longer slot, please sign up to run it. If you've ever run Apocalypse World before, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SIGN UP TO RUN IT.

    In fact, here's an idea. Like how you sign up to go to the gym with someone and are accountable to each other? I've never run Apocalypse World, never played it, nothing, just read it. I really want to play it as a non-MC player. But I will give a bit on that and MC AW if someone else will sign up to run a different game in the long slot that's new for them and that they're a little scared to run.
  • Also, we can have an on-demand table in the long slot. I'll leave out my copies of Fiasco and Penny (and maybe some other goodies) and whoever wants to play them, can.
  • OK, I'll run something in the second slot. Should it be Mouse Guard? Anyone have other strong preferences for what they'd want to play?
  • I've been hearing cries for Mouse Guard. I would be a little scared to run it, but let me go through some of the demo scenarios and see what happens. Maybe I can get my gaming group together to help me try out one of them before the con.
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