Critique me this (Rustbelt) character sheet!

Here's my first crack at a Rustbelt character sheet.

I want some feedback on it from a.) layout-savvy peeps and b.) those who have played the Rustbelt.

Layout-savvy peeps:
What do you think about the design? Does the off-kilter almost total lack of parallel lines damage readability? It looks like it does for thematic reasons, but if that makes it hard to use, well...
Note that the relatively low position of the attributes is deliberate. It's intended to send the message that attributes are less important than Psyche (which is true, due to the system). The text itself does the same thing, discussing Psyche & how to write Psyche traits in chargen before it gets to attributes.

Folks who have played:
What do you think of the Psyche reminders there on the right? I couldn't fit everything in, so I left out the rules for Frustration/Depth reduction, reasoning that they're the most straightforward and easy to remember (as well as, in my experience, the least commonly used).
What about that Psyche section itself? The idea is that you write your psyche traits there on the left and each one's score there on the right. I tried to provide plenty of room on the right for crossing out and erasing numbers.


  • 1.) Personable looks really jammed in there, in the attribution section. and cagey looks like it should be farther right, so that it is closer to its box (as is, it throws the whole section out of "line" for me).

    2.) Does something get written under hunger: and frustration:? If so, good. If not, close the gap before the words "vices" and "grips".

    3.) The blood/sweat/tears boxes should align with the middle of those words. Space the boxes out a little more, line them up a little more.

    3a.) Oh, hey! Someone else has a game with blood/sweat/tears. Now I can stop writing my other grand-theft-auto inspired game.

    4.) I'd like to see more space between the Attributes boxes and "Injuries, Possessions, Notes". That feels cramped.
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    To answer your question under #2: Hunger is, quite often, a single word, but sometimes it ends up being a phrase like "To raise my boy right" or something. I wanted to be sure that there was enough room to write such things in there. After "Frustration:" there's a number that ends up changing a lot, and I wanted to make sure people had plenty of room for cross-outs and erasures.
  • It looks nice to me! I don't mind "cagey".

    I agree with the blood sweat & tears thing, though. I wonder if the overall layout could be more interesting, somehow. It seems like there are a lot things arranged in squares.

    What did you use to make this?
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    Posted By: Paul T.
    What did you use to make this?
    ...Microsoft Publisher 2003.

    Nobody laugh! It's what I've got to work with.
  • Posted By: Marshall Burns
    ...Microsoft Publisher 2003.
    well then, kudos!

    As someone who has to work on Publisher 2003 at work, and then goes home to inDesign CS4 at home... I must applaud the work you've done on that infernal, wretched program.
  • The stuff inside the black box? I'd align them to the right.

    The attributes? Move the second column a little bit to the right. Then the "cagey" stuff is less of an issue. (I'd justify it for the boxes to match the black box limit. Still not parallel lines, yet a little more structured.)
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