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"Hmmm," Judd thinks to himself, "I feel like I am kvetching too much and posting too little. What can make that better? Githyanki? Maybe. How about some AP? Okay."

The summer is ending here on the east coast of the U.S. September is looming.

What are you playing?

We're still playing Burning Wheel in the Forgotten Realms and its going really well, fun stuff.

The Jaws of the Six Serpents game has had trouble these past few weeks, a victim of summer travel but should boot up again as long as we get our schedules in alignment.

I am flirting with a Apocalypse World game with some old friends who I have not gamed with in years but we'll see if everyone's schedules jibe up.

And you?

Things to do in this thread:

*Post up what you are continuing to play or preparing to play this season.
*Ask folks questions about a particular game of theirs that interests you.
*Split off into new threads linked here to form new threads to talk about a particular game or idea in a more in depth manner.


  • I am close to ending the game of Dead of Night I have been running this summer and will either be playing Hot War or facilitating a GMful version of Over the Edge this Autumn. I've ditched out of the Solomon Kane game I've been playing in on a monthly basis for most of the year because I was no longer able to stand how dumb the scenarios were getting; I mean, having to answer the arbitary riddles set by a mystical guardian in order to be allowed into an ancient library? Sheesh!

    I also have lots of games to run for Concrete Cow in September and Indiecon in November: abrief list of thse includes A Penny for My Thoughts, Danger Patrol (Beta), 101 Zombies, Mystery of Life, Sawmill, Pyramid, Global Security, Dead Man's Chest and When Bad Things Happen to Good Magicians.
  • I'm inspired by your thread title to present my seasonal theory of Finnish rpg culture, Judd. Check it out:

    In spring old campaigns end as annual school cycles break, causing disruptions in play routines as student-gamers find summer jobs or go home for the summer or other such things. It is a transitional period.
    In summer we play at conventions or one-shots with visiting friends. Also, short summer campaigns with incomplete or temporary crews. Usually gaming is less than through winter, as summer is short here and we have many other things to do. However, conventions and visitations from long lost friends are intense.
    In autumn we start new gaming projects. I started a harsh design/playtest cycle for Eleanor's Dream now, for example. We make plans for the winter months and form groups out of the people who will be with us for the coming months.
    In winter we do long-term campaigning and other deep gaming in stable groups. Everybody has routines of work, school or other matters around which a weekly schedule is built, a schedule that usually lasts until the spring with perhaps some small disruption around the Christmas holidays. As now is autumn and it's time to be making these plans for the winter, it's natural that I've floated my playtest program and some old school dungeoneering with the locals to see if we could get a stable weekly group going. It's a reasonable expectation that such a group would last until the spring disruptions, which would give us many months of good gaming.

    I would not be surprised to find out that this seasonal rhythm is much the same in other places.

    I'm also considering doing an online dungeoneering campaign in either Finnish or English. Still trying to decide if the game's going to be my own homebrew, Runeslayers, LotFP or Mazes & Minotaurs, though.
  • That seems deserving of its own thread, Eero. It is interesting.
  • I've put our veeeery long-running D&D 4th edition Ptolus game on hold. The prep was killing me, and D&D isn't doing anything to support the character-driven, high-stakes, unpredictable game it's turned into. It was as much fun as ever, but very, very hard work. And if I tinkered with any more rules, the players were going to murder me.

    So instead we're finally getting a chance to play some of the indie games I've been desperate to try. We're starting with a Warhammer 40K reskin of 3:16, called Astartes. The first session was lots of fun (posted about it elsewhere on Story Games). Next up will be Apocalypse World, and then - at last! - Sorceror (set in 16th century Prague). Hopefully some Burning Wheel, too. Along the way I'm keeping an eye open for any candidates to convert Ptolus over to.

    Also squeezing in more playtests of Age of Steel, my game of single-session sword and sorcery adventures, with any players who don't run away fast enough. Going good.
  • I'm playing in my second straight campaign of Apocalypse World in a row. That's both more play (rather than GMing) and more play of the same game in a row than I've done at any time since I stopped playing Rifts and In Nomine when I went off to China in high school. It's pretty awesome, I have to say, really getting the chance to dig in and explore a game throughly. The only other game I've done that with recently was Mouse Guard, but that was broken up over a period of several months.

    PAX is next weekend, so I'll probably throw down some random stuff there with whoever I can find. There's a bunch of new stuff I want to try out or play more of, like Dread House and Blowback.

    For the fall, I'm plotting away with plans for Game Chef 2010, which will probably take up my time for a while. Otherwise, I'm thinking about turning the "fall of Atlantis" scenario we played at GoPlayNW into a mini-campaign for Mist Robed Gate; I definitely want to play more in that setting, which was amazing. And I want to run Apocalypse World or my low-tech space fantasy hack Fingers on the Firmament sometime before Christmas.
  • I'm currently playing an Annalise game which really hit it's stride last nite. Probably 2-3 more weeks in that, I think, and I hope we'll manage to keep the weekly thing up (I start school next week, so I'm the weak point).

    Will is putting together some kind of multi-game-running madness, and I hope to be involved with that, probably on a bi-weekly basis. He's all "I'm gonna run games," and I'm happy to play stuff for awhile.

    My gf and I have some friends that we play board games with roughly monthly, and that's always nice. I like boardgames a lot.

    There's some playtesting of Keith's project/s in the near future as well.

    We've starting talking about making plans for a JiffyCon Chicago, hopefully in November. Real planning on that will wait until after PAX, tho.

    Last year was a dead year for me, playwise, and I'm excited to play the crap out of some games! I really want to play Nine Worlds and Remember Tomorrow in particular. We shall see...
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    Other people are running:
    A Mechwarrior game where we are survivors of a failed mission on an enemy planet.
    A WHFRP 2 game where the setting is a modern day magical post-apocalypse (much like Day After Ragnarok, but homebrewn).
    We also have a Mouse Guard game and a Rogue Trader game, but I don't see those two continuing due to scheduling and other issues. There's a BW game that might or might not take off.

    I'm not running anything. I've recently taken the role of the guy who facilitates indie/story one-shots (like Montsegur, Ghost/Echo). My energies are redirected to design.

    Things I'm planning to run in autumn:
    Apocalypse World: Sagas of the Icelanders - a playtest of my hack
    A new game of mine, if I manage to get the rules together.

    I'd also love to play some BW, possibly Mouse Guard, some straight AW, some dungeoncrawling, maybe Dogs in the Vineyard. Sombre, serious stuff. With some pulp fun sprinkled on top.
  • I've launched an online game of Apocalypse World that's just getting out of the starting blocks and so far it is lovely, I am trying hard to keep a steady controlled burn and focus on this one so we can get through multiple sessions and really tear it up. This is the first gaming I've done in nearly a year and it feels good.
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    We start Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay on Monday, having wrapped How We Came To Live Here. I am greatly looking forward to seeing some of WFRP's innovations.

    My other group will do episode one of a PTA series about diamond thieves this upcoming week. It's going to be really fun - the Producer gave us all the specifics of the job and we've been chewing it over via email. Vibration sensors on the roof of the vault? WTF?
  • On the roof? What about pigeons and varmints and such?
  • Summer has proven very difficult to organize people's schedules. Also, having just moved to this new (& tiny) community, it's been hard to build a critical mass of interested parties. But, it looks like as we ease into fall, we're going to have some solid play.

    I'm going to playtest Heart of Ashes (children stumble into the otherworld, and have to contend with magic and power) with my girlfriend and one other person who I've been playing games with. It's a joyful game, but it also has teeth. Good fall gaming.

    I'm going to run some quick-and-easy one-shots for a stable of people who've expressed interest in gaming but have yet to try it - Fiasco, Ribbon Drive, and maybe Mist-Robed Gate.

    I've also got PAX and Steamcon coming up, and am planning to game my fucking heart out, there.
  • Posted By: JuddOn the roof? What about pigeons and varmints and such?
    It's the main vault deep beneath the Antwerp Diamond Exchange! They don't want us drilling in from above, apparently. It's a tough nut to crack.
  • I'm MCing an Apocalypse World game that is just really fucking fun. I just came home from the coffee shop where I prepped for this week's session, so I'm particularly jazzed about it at the moment. MCing Apocalypse World is making me realize that, while I still want to play a character in an AW game sometime, MCing is crazy fun, and I'm not MCing because I really want to play: There's nothing I'd rather be doing in this current game than MCing. Which is awesome. It's making me think that, after I play in this upcoming Burning Wheel game, I will probably want to GM that, too.

    In Sept. sometime a different group and myself are going to start playing Burning Wheel: Burning Blackmoor, as partially inspired by Judd's FR BW game. We just did the Sword on Thursday, which was very fun and I think got us all jazzed about the upcoming campaign. After the Sword our GM threw down the old First Fantasy Campaign Blackmoor map, and we dreamed up a little bit of situation & characters, to be further fleshed out in our character burning session. Yes!

    Last Saturday I played Kagematsu with some friends and my wife (!) who's only ever played an rpg (breaking the ice twice) with me, and who previously had been iffy about playing a male. She took to playing the wayward, old, gruff ronin Kagematsu with heart, and it was a really great game. I think she liked playing with a bigger group, too. We'll see if we get to that one-on-one AW game that she sorta wants to play.

    I played S/lay w/Me again two weeks ago. I keep loving this game, and keep wanted to play a "full" game of it.

    hmm, think that's it. This is the most gaming I've ever done in my life by far (AW every two weeks, BW every two weeks, interspersed one-shots like S/lay & Kagematsu) and I'm having immense amounts of fun. It's been a good year!
  • Hans,

    I am honored that those BWFR threads inspired a game at your table.

    Maps and situation, like peas and carrots, I tell ya.

    Please do let me know how it goes.

  • Now that convention season is more or less over (although I've still got New York Comic Con later this year), I'm getting back into design and hope to run games with the group I've joined here in the Twin Cities. I'd like to run Smallville for them and get some longer-term play out of it, but I also want to playtest the Cortex Plus System Guide rules as well. My New Year's resolution for 2010 was "no D&D" so I won't be doing any of that, but I wouldn't mind playing Fiasco, Chronica Feudalis, Blowback, and various other small press & story games to broaden my play experience with them.

  • I'm playing in a weekly Burning Wheel game with Alexander, Thor, and Topi. It's going to go on a hiatus for a few weeks as weekend plans interfere, but we've been playing for a few months now and it's been really rewarding.

    My weekly Apocalypse World game with Matt, Matt, Joe, and Carly is winding down as one of the Matt's schedules is going to pull him away from the game. I feel like the campaign has been more educational than fun (based on the feedback I'm getting, anyway) so I hope to start a follow-up campaign on the heels of this one and give it another go.

    There is also my ongoing With Great Power campaign that's been going on with Carly, but I feel like keeping the momentum going for that is rather difficult so I think it's going to sputter out any second.
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    Returning from hiatus

    Escape from Arcadia is teenage fairies on the lam in Al-Amarja, running on HQ2.

    The Royal Archeological Society is steampunkish colonialism with the stout British expolorers racing against the Prussian Keiserliche Kunsthistorische und Geologishe Gesellschaft, also running on HQ2.

    Active and continuing

    My unnamed Trail of Cthulhu game, currently in early stages of Armitage Files.

    New Game, scheduled but not yet played

    On the Road to Caracorumbis is a road-story of a variable and disparate (and probably backstabbing) group traveling to Caracorumbis, the city which is everything to everyone -- as long as it is behind the horizon. Getting there isn't the point. Very much Dying Earth -style, running on Solar System.

    New game, and I actually get to play! And it's scheduled!

    A friend's starting a DD4E Dark Sun campaign. I am actually really stoked about this!
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    So after I got back from GenCon, tired and excited, I did some last-minute crushing work on Tenra editing with friends. Now it's all ready for layout, so my involvement with the "design/writing" scene is down to 10% of my gaming experience, from 80%.

    And fuck, after talking with the folks from Las Vegas and how they roll (Jerry, etc), and thinking about how I consume too much media and want to be more social, I realize that it's time I start up a Friday Night gaming group. Or something. In a few weeks. We'll alternate between playing at my house and playing at a local coffee house.

    But now I want to get into even more gaming.

    My Wednesday group just finished a campaign of Tenra Bansho run by Mark C (after a great run of Fiasco). Then we played a one-shot of Smallville with guest star Eric Boyd. It convinced us that we want to play a long Smallville game. Also on deck is a long Dresden Files game, likely after Smallville. After that, we're going to do some Warhammer 3E, and maybe a few one-shots.

    I want to play Freemarket, nWoD Vampire, Remember Tomorrow, and 4e Dark Sun. This is the reason I'm putting together a second weekly gaming night.

    I also want to run some weekend one-shots, like Eoris, Wu Xing, Apocalypse World, Yuuyake Koyake, etc.

    Then, when the Hellas books arrive (October?), I'll be running a weekend game of that for a few weeks. I might turn that into a longer campaign.

    But mostly, I want to do more campaign-style gaming. That means more sessions. I think I have it in me to do it.

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    But mostly, I want to do more campaign-style gaming. That means more sessions. I think I have it in me to do it.
    Oh man, you do. The overwhelming majority of rpgs I've played have been one-shots, but I'm finding that digging into something, and really learning a game over time, is so satisfrying*.

    *typo that's staying because, hilarious.
  • We've played three sessions of "With Great Power..." and we're nearing the climax of the story arc. We're a group of supers that was the "South Metro 141" division of national organization called "Freedom Force" in their original universe that was packed with supers more powerful than us. Then we got thrown into an alternate earth where there are no supers - except us and the inevitable villains that came through the rift with us. Now we're the "Freedom Force"!

    I'm playing an android teen that was invented by the Golden-Age-Reed-Richards of our world that died in our reality but is alive and a regular scientist in the new one. My character - Kid Sensation - was programmed to uphold 1950s superheroes values and to grow and learn as a regular, "All-American" teen. He's the captain of the football team and he's trying to woo a punk girl at school named Spike. As his Aspects have begun to suffer he's been on a date with Spike where she got shot by the villain's henchmen, was told to stop going to school and pretending to be human by his team and his "father" (who isn't comfortable with that moniker), turned to the writings of J.D. Salinger and tagged the exterior of his team's secret HQ with Spike, and won the football game while the field was under attack from the villain and his troops (without compromising his secret identity!). All of the PCs are interconnected; Spike is the daughter of another player's day-job-boss and my Kid Sensation's creator in our original world was killed by another PC's radiation problem while building his containment suit.

    Playing with the alternate world trope while in the process creating both worlds through play (these are all new characters) has worked really well for us. I'm excited about the next session where I will almost certainly Devastate a couple of Aspects. "Spike, a girl I like" is my Strife Aspect and I'm doing my best to keep her safe so the villain can't win (he's already Devastated the other two PCs' Strife Aspects) and because I think this would be too early to Transform or Redeem their relationship. I think my character's relationship with his father-figure is going to take the most punishment and I can't wait to see how it changes. I'm torn between wanting to get to the climax and wanting to keep these great stories going - and that's a great place to be!
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    As Bret mentioned, I'm running a Burning Wheel game for him, Alexander and Topi. It's set in a fantasy northern Italian village in the age of the condottieri. The village has been half asleep in a sort of fairy glamour for more than 100 years, but now it is beginning to rouse itself as a brutal condottieri has been made the signore of the town and its surrounding villas. His knights and men are bringing new thoughts, ideas and religions to a village tenuously clinging to the old ways. The player characters are villagers: Topi is the half-mad butcher, Alexander is the naive miller's son, and Bret is a laborer touched by the fae. It's been pretty awesome so far! It looks like we're going to miss the next three weeks due to scheduling difficulties. But then we'll pick up with Alexander's character about to challenge his step father, a former sergeant in the Signore's free company, to a duel; Bret's character set to journey deep into the mire with his terrifying spirit wolf companion in search of the lost throne of his people's ancestral tribe; and Topi's character slaving away in the old quarry, the punishment he and his bandit society accepted when they surrendered to the Signore's steward, a brutal and pitiless man.

    Meanwhile, the Burning THAC0 BW game I play in is still going strong--four years running now. We have just replaced the Althing of Alfheim with our own candidate (long story), and the elves have thus agreed to march with us and the dwarves of Rockhome to war against the sinister necromancer who bears the Hand of Vecna. We're about to make a (hopefully) quick side jaunt to the deserts of Yalarum (or Deedslarum, as we've taken to calling it), which is suffering under a vampire plague unleashed by one of the necromancer's allies. If all goes as planned, we will stop the vampires and then find the necromancer and end the threat he represents forever.

    The Thursday group is struggling to get its feet back after a hiatus this summer. We got our wires crossed this week and so we didn't manage to get it together for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing game that I had prepared to run. Hopefully, we'll get our act together soon. This group also has Apocalypse World and potentially the Dresden Files RPG on its plate.
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    Meanwhile, the Burning THAC0 BW game I play in is still going strong--four years running now.
    That's so awesome. One of my life goals (you laugh, but seriously) is to play or GM a BW game that lasts that long.

    Has anyone hit Grey or White shades yet?
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    Meanwhile, the Burning THAC0 BW game I play in is still going strong--four years running now.
    That's so awesome. One of my life goals (you laugh, but seriously) is to play or GM a BW game that lasts that long.

    Has anyone hit Grey or White shades yet?

    We started as 3 lifepath characters. My wizard has Gray Herbalism and Gray Sorcery. I'm well on my way to Graying out my Will; it may happen in the next few months. Rich's dwarf has Gray Power and a Gray Axe skill. Pete's cleric has nearly reached White Faith. I think he's 1 fate point shy so it will happen at any time. Luke's elf has Gray Speed. I think he's gunning for Gray Perception next.
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    After a couple of years of bitching about not being able to find any local gamers, I finally decided to stop being such a snob and try some PbP gaming again. I'm currently playing in a D&D 4e game that's just gotten started, although I'm very excited, both about finally getting to play a system that's been sitting on my bookshelf forever and about my character, who is both utterly generic in terms of mechanics and a blank slate, just sitting there waiting for me to scrawl some awesome all over it if I'm given half a chance.

    I'm also DMing a D&D 3.5 PbP game almost entirely as a favor to a random forum poster who expressed interest in trying PbP for the first time. Because it's PbP, the game is horribly, painfully slow -- we've been playing for about a month and have covered what I estimate to be approximately a single four-hour session of tabletop play, but everyone's still very much engaged in the fiction and I feel entirely confident that everyone will stick around until the end of the mini-adventure I had planned and at least somewhat confident that they'll stay on for a longer campaign. I'm already seeing an advantage to the slow PbP format in that I began this adventure with maybe a paragraph's worth of prep. Everything else I've been able to improvise while still keeping up a reasonable posting schedule. I'm thinking now, though, that even that paragraph was too much -- one of the players came up with a perfectly reasonable hypothesis about what was going on in the fiction that I would have loved to have come true, but unfortunately I couldn't come up with a way of making it fit with some things I'd already foreshadowed. I'm chalking that up as a learning experience -- I love GMing on the fly in tabletop games, but the much slower online format means I need to do even less "cover my ass" type planning ahead of time.

    Finally, I'm playing in a terrible 3.5 PbP game with one of the least-skilled DMs I've ever had the misfortune of playing with. It's a clumsily railroaded, "passive-aggressively misunderstand the intent of every player's stated action" kind of affair that probably would have driven me to screaming fits in a live game. But because it's a slow-ass online game, I'm able to sigh, facepalm, and roll my eyes every time the DM says something stupid (i.e., every post) and then address the game for what it is -- a horribly written text adventure. In fact, for a brief while there I was treating it as a bad text adventure, phrasing all of my characters actions in the form of "GO NORTH. EXAMINE DOOR." But my snarkiness seemed to sail completely over the DM's head, so I've gone back to chewing the scenery with ridiculous overacting while waiting for the DM to tell us what happens next in his hackneyed, pre-written plot. In other words, perverse as it sounds, I'm having a blast. Unfortunately, at least half of the party isn't, as we haven't heard from them in several weeks, so I don't expect this game to last much longer.
  • I've been playing quite a bit of Burning Wheel recently. We're doing a 'second season' returning to a game that we much loved, but petered out. I'm GMing so I'm working hard to bring in the insights I got from the Adventure Burner (apparently I was doing it all wrong before). We're having fun, but we still aren't quite getting all the rules. A lot of table time is spent with noses in the books, but I'm confident we'll get past that with effort.

    We also played a session of Remember Tomorrow. A drug war between Triads, pharma collectives and a skinny, psycho white girl on a personal mission shook things up a bit. In the end we found that drugs had been re-criminalised, the undercover cop in the Triads had taken control for his own reasons and a crusading cop had been a serial killer all along. It was supposed to be a one-off but I think we'll be back. The game evokes the source material very vividly.

    Also looking forward to Indiecon and Concrete Cow over the coming months.
  • My face-to-face game group is playing some one shots until mid-September when "Dude" runs a miniseries of Lady Blackbird.

    When that raps, I will be running a Star Wars anthology game where we begin with a crew of a tramp freighter using WEG d6 then after a story, we switch game systems, then a story, then switch. I am soooo excited about trying out SW, playing a non-jedi game of it, and seeing how different systems affect player choice and the fiction.

    Games on tap for the SW anthology: Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies, Solar System, Starblazer Adventures, Mouse Guard, Dogs in the Vineyard, Primetime Adventures and StarCluster 3.

    A group of buddies are also planning on some Apocalypse World fun over Skype coming soon.
  • The only thing I have planned for the fall is MC'ing an AW game. I've hosted a couple dinner/one-shot game nights over the summer, and would like to do some more of that. And I hope to somehow convince my non-RPG-playing partner to try Fiasco. So far all my attempts have wound up with me getting a black die. V. sad.
  • The AW game Vincent's been MCing for me, Julia, and Meg seems like it's wrapping up, which is amazing, because it's been going for so long. It's been the most satisfying and fun campaign I've played in since the year-long Exalted 1E Sidereal campaign Shreyas ran for me and some friends.. five? Six years ago? Next we're talking some Poison'd and maybe some Knife & Candle.

    Also, Shreyas is all excited about using Smallville to play teenage Camelot (inspired by the show Merlin), and I'm pretty psyched about getting some friends together for that. Then there's S/lay w/me, and then the Blowback games I've been running on Skype. It's been weird dropping into gaming groups that have been playing for a long time just to guest-GM, but a lot of fun, too.

    Ideally I'd get to play some Fiasco and Freemarket, and more Apocalypse World too. And maybe someday I'll get to play Blowback. But I'm certainly not complaining about the state of things; fall is very gameful, and that's the way I like it.
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    I am in two Apocalypse World campaigns right now. Turned over MC duties in one of them so I'm a player now in both. Each game has a very different flavor and I'm really enjoying my characters in each. As far as I'm concerned I might like to continue playing both campaigns until the end of the year but I suspect they'll each go for about five more sessions. You never know how these things might pan out though.

    I really dug MC'ing and feel like Apocalypse World is a game that lots of people I've gamed with would enjoy. So I'm pitching it to some others and hoping to start up a third concurrent campaign in a month or so. My eventual plan is for there to be seven concurrent Apocalypse World campaigns running in Portland, OR. When that happens I will open my brain to the psychic maelstrom and there will come The New Beginning.

    I've got Smallville on reserve at my FLGS and I've been reading a lot of threads on that. One of my groups likes PTA a lot and I wonder whether we might like to give Smallville a try for some TV drama role-playing after we finish Apocalypse World.

    If the third Apocalypse World campaign pitch falls through I expect more Danger Patrol playtesting and/or some Lamentations of the Flame Princess gaming is on the docket.

    I've played S/Lay w/Me a couple times in the last month and would definitely like to play more of that. Very good game for me. I really want to know what's going to happen to Sæhrókr next. S/lay has made me want to read more from its source inspirations so that's going to cut into some of my gaming time.

    Speaking of which there's something I wonder about Apocalypse World. It really wants at LEAST six sessions and I'm feeling like ten or more sessions, maybe much more is really where it's at. A game like this hasn't really hit this community before. There was a period of about a year where I felt like there weren't all that many RPGs that were coming out that were really grabbing me. More recently I feel like I could list several that I would like to play that have come out or are coming out soon. But I personally am going to have to put a lot of them off in favor of long-form Apocalypse World. In this way Apocalypse World feels a bit to me a little like World of Warcraft in 2005 where other PC game software developers were just putting stuff out into the howling face of a monolithic Blizzard...

    edit: I'm personally only interested in the DFRPG for possible John Constantine hacking, but that's another giant horse out the gate in terms of time-commitment, wanting two sessions of campaign/character creation before you even get started playing, so people who start those games up will want to really dig into them for a long time to get everything they can from it.
  • I'm gearing up to run the fourth Unity Underground playtest campaign for my Tuesday group and I'm over the moon about it. After that, I'm planning to take a break from playtesting and run the Armitage Files campaign for Trail of Cthulhu. We've also been playing occasional one-shots of ICONS, run by my buddy Zack. Those have been a lot of fun.

    My Wednesday group (aka "beer club") is in the middle of a long-running Traveller campaign. I'm playing a space trucker. This one is fun partly because of the game and partly because it's five grown men getting together every week to goob about spaceships and astrophysics. This group also meets on Saturday mornings once or twice a month for board games. We've been digging Descent, Shadows Over Camelot, Last Night On Earth, Zombie State, and more recently Hex Hex. We have a hell of a good time.

    Some night soon, my wife and I are hoping to take Mars Colony for a spin.
  • I'm currently gearing up to run a 4E Dark Sun campaign with my weekend gaming group. Definitely looking forward to getting it going and running 4E for the first time.

    My Friday group has a laundry list of mini-campaigns to do. We're currently doing Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies, with WFRP 3rd Edition up next. Not sure what exactly will come after that, but amongst other things we want to do Fiasco (still need to try out my anime convention playset), Doctor Who (I'm planning a thing about an American agency kinda like Torchwood, with a storyline partly inspired by Cory Doctorow's Little Brother), and PTA.

    After playing Apocalypse World at the South Bay Story Games Day yesterday it's earned a spot high on my list. I also need to do more playtesting of Slime Story, but I have some ideas I need to work through first.
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    I'm in only one AW game right now (down from three). I'm playing a battlebabe who's the drummer in a band. It's great. I expect it will go well into the fall, probably 15 sessions (we've done two).

    I really want to get a Smallville game going, so my second weekly slot will probably turn into that.

    The third game group looks to be doing one shots for a bit, which will probably be InSpectres, Blowback, and more Dungeon World.


    @nemomeme: The are several good long-form friendly indie games that have been around for a while. Burning Wheel, Nine Worlds, and Sorcerer, to name just a few. :)
  • It is somehow comforting to know that everyone wrestles with the same scheduling issues.
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    @John: Certainly there are several good long-form indie games that have been around. I just haven't seen any of them as being as popular locally as Apocalypse World seems to be at the same time that a pile of great games are coming out. Some people are like, "Let's just play this and hacks of it for the next year, people who are usually about one-shots and three-shots and the next flavor of the month. I see it as possibly taking a bite out of opportunities for variety.

    That observation may be premature and I may have overstated. Let's just say I'm feeling scheduling pressures like never before despite having a lot more free time. Variety or no, I expect it'll be a great autumn and winter for gaming.
  • Posted By: Chris GardinerI've put our veeeery long-running D&D 4th edition Ptolus game on hold. The prep was killing me, and D&D isn't doing anything to support the character-driven, high-stakes, unpredictable game it's turned into. It was as much fun as ever, but very, very hard work. And if I tinkered with any more rules, the players were going to murder me.
    God, I'd love to play in a Ptolus game, but I wouldn't want to run one. I am envious of your players but not of you! How long did it run? Have you considered rebooting it as a Burning Wheel game with a Ptolus-y setting? I know that's an odd idea, given that Ptolus' main conceit is that the D&D world is real, but...

    My summer has been insane. Lost job, found new job. Picking up the slack around home so my wife can finish her book (historical fiction), due to Berkley very soon now.

    Throughout, I've been trying to game. Because of the job situation, cons were right out. Nerdly got canceled; I missed DEXcon and GenCon. I struggled to get a group together to play my new Caldera setting (more in a minute) for D&D 4E. You'd think it'd be easy to find people for 4E but it wasn't.

    I also finished up a lot of editing this summer. Maybe some of it was late spring. I can't remember. But I did Happy Birthday, Robot!, Misspent Youth, and Annalise, plus picked up work on Other Worlds (which I'm very overdue on and need to remedy).

    Daniel Levine is running an Apocalypse World game and it rocks. We're on our third session, fourth tomorrow night. I'm playing an Operator named Ebb, who is a hair's breadth from being a sociopath. I enjoy seeing him teeter on that edge as he does whatever he has to do to survive in his awful world. I'm hoping he can be redeemed, but we'll see what happens.

    I finally got players for Caldera, which is my D&D 4E setting colored with cyberpunk tropes. Millions of people squashed into a stacked, six-level city. Why? Because the senate won't let them leave because they figured out that magic is created by people's creative energy. Caldera has magical tattoos, residuum (magic powder) mines, a custom gargoyle race, castes, mirrorrunning, and monsters borne of the city's collective conscious. When you dungeon-crawl in Caldera, you're just down in the dark streets of the lower levels, and there are people there, trying to live their lives. Anyway, with the two players who could make it (and without two or three more who will eventually join), I kicked off an intro game last Thursday and it ROCKED. I'm looking forward to running that more.

    In September, Daniel Levine is kicking off a Dark Sun game run as a "Western Marches" style campaign. That looks incredibly fun but I'll probably jump in only occasionally. My AW game and Caldera game both run every other week, so that's four games a month and that's all I can handle most of the time. Hell, barely that.
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    Tonight begins a monthly foray into the Tomb of Horrors, 4th-Edition style. Still, I find the system leaves a lot to be desired, but I like the group and the way the DM handles things. I have high hopes for D&D Essentials.

    Bliss Stage with Jenskot is on tap for October, after my wedding.
    Posted By: Thor OWe have just replaced the Althing of Alfheim with our own candidate (long story), and the elves have thus agreed to march with us and the dwarves of Rockhome to war against the sinister necromancer who bears the Hand of Vecna. We're about to make a (hopefully) quick side jaunt to the deserts of Yalarum (or Deedslarum, as we've taken to calling it), which is suffering under a vampire plague unleashed by one of the necromancer's allies. If all goes as planned, we will stop the vampires and then find the necromancer and end the threat he represents forever.
    Having cut my teeth on Basic D&D in the Known World, the details of this campaign always make me smile.
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    I'm in the same AW group as Nemomeme - AW right now, with the possibility of Smallville in the new year (assuming his seven concurrent AW games don't bring about the New Beginning).

    Four sessions into AW and the world and various fronts/situations are really starting to gel, just as our characters are coming into our own. We've spent a lot of time up til this session getting kicked, collectively and individually, in the face. All part of the fun, especially for my character who is a perennial fuck-up. But it felt (to me, anyway) like this session was the first time in the game where we could say "OK, we are going to fucking *do* this" and really actually *do* it.

    Anyway, the weather is starting to turn rainy and cold here and I get introspective and thinky as I retreat indoors to clean up my space in the garage and get things in order for my art-studio/game-space. I have friends who I gamed with for many years who I don't see enough of lately. I'm thinking of running some small-table, limited-run games for them. Maybe introduce them to AW or Diaspora, or run Buffy for a friend of mine who is a fan using PTA/Smallville. Similarly thinking of wrapping Geist or Changeling in a PTA/Smallville wrapper. I have an idea for hacking Trollbabe into Mechwarrior, which I'd like to sit down and run for a friend who ran great games of Mechwarrior for me for many years.

    Things will be more clear as schedules firm up and things are put in order, but basically I'm wanting to give back, create, and re-connect as the holidays approach.
  • -- I have started going to a weekly public "We Play Indie Games!" group near me, which has been fun. I hope to do that more regularly. It's a great way to play all the cool games I'm interested in but usually don't have time for (with enthusiastic, nice people).

    -- I have some friends who I play with sporadically, and we are going to try a long-form Burning Wheel campaign intended to be played sporadically, so when jobs and kids and weddings make gaming impossible that will be okay.

    -- Having recently purged my gaming shelves, and saved only a few choice items, I want to use this giant awesome map of Waterdeep in a game.

    -- Oh, and also finish my FATE-based Marxist steampunk hack. Someone tell me how to do that, please.
  • I am playing in a Rouge Trader game, and will be starting up a playtest of M20# once I get back from my honey moon this month. My goal is to try and run a quick one shot pick up game on the cruise.
  • Looking forward to some fun autumn gaming!

    Now that summer and it's scheduling problems is almost done, we will return to our Smallville Shercroft Academy game again. This started as a playtest for Josh that we just never stopped playing once the game was finished. I heart this game so much and it is seriously some of the most fun I have had gaming in a few years and I have missed playing is consistently over the summer.

    Sadly in my other group, with our friend off to Japan for the year our longform Burning Wheel Gangs of Al'Medean game will be on hold till next summer. To tide us over we are going to dig into a Dresden Files game with our protagonists on the run 3 Days of the Condor style in Los Angles. We did city and character creation along with 1 session a month ago and I am looking forward to get into play proper now.

    I want to also try and schedule some gaming with a few of my other friends who I think will really dig a Zombie version of Apocalypse World like Dead Weight or our own hack.

    - Colin
  • Posted By: Seth DrebitkoRouge Trader
    Now that's an great name for a game! :)

    "Enter the trilling world of underground rouge trade!"
  • I'm currently playing in a PBeM game of Apocalypse World and loving it. The setting is about half way to Waterworld - the hold is made up of the upper floors of skyscrapers jutting out of the sea with partially submerged suburbs in the distance. The plot is just starting but I'm having a really good time of it already.

    I'm also playing in a PBF of Agon over at RPG Geek. I really enjoyed the beginning of the game in which the GM had each player do a 140 character invocation of a muse in poem form (the winner received a point of divine favor). The game is going well but the combat is very slow, especially one-on-one combats.

    This fall I'd like to continue these games and continue to accrue one or two story games a month that peak my interest.
  • I just started up a True20 campaign with a group of friends from my improv troupe. Made characters and talked about setting last Saturday. Looks like a vaguely wuxia thing about a small enclave of archivists who have hoarded magical knowledge and learning from the Last Great Empire (tm) for a thousand years, finally attempting to bring "civilization" back to the world in the aftermath of magical cataclysm, with all the potential baggage that entails.

    One of the characters is an Imperial high wizard (no, I don't know what that means yet) with an ape familiar that knows kung fu. I think that's probably all I need to say about that.
  • My group played a one-shot of Lamentations of the Flame Princess last night that threatens to be an extended run - 3-5 sessions. We're trapped on an unknown island with cannibals and an unknown monster, while a ninety-foot sperm whale circles, waiting for us to dare the waters again. It's one part Moby-Dick, one part Lost, and one part The Descent.

    After that, I'd like to spend the autumn trying Apocalypse World.

  • This past Sunday we finished a (five?) session year of Mouseguard. We're in the middle of a multi-system game experiment, the current phase of which is a few chapters of In a Wicked Age. And this Sunday we're kicking off Apocalypse World. I'm pretty jazzed.
  • I forgot Freemarket! Given our schedules, it might slide into winter. But that game is very much on deck.
  • Huh, Story Games ate my post. Fuck your couch, Andy Kitkowski.

    I'm currently playing in two different Apocalypse World games, each once a week. That means I'm gaming twice a week.

    For the first time.


    No, seriously, I mean ever. Like, in my whole life.

    It's awesome.

    How can I even speculate on the future?
  • This autumn should see a couple sessions of Hollowpoint and a whole lot more Soft Horizon. If there's a moment free (and there are only, what, 12 weeks in Autumn? That's 12 opportunities for me) I'd like to get in some Fiasco and share that love around.

    Those links point to design wiki stuff with play notes at the end of the main pages.
  • We're finally wrapping up our current Pathfinder campaign, and about to start Paizo's "Kingmaker" campaign, which claims to be less of a railroad then the last one...but if it starts to suck, and I can't get anything else together, there's always one-shots at Story Games Seattle and the Wayward...
  • We've just wrapped up some WFRP3 (which we found a tiny bit too fiddly for the number of players we had) and some Modern Warfare with magic Mortal Coil (which was great fun).

    We're now two weeks into Beat to Quarters set on the ex-American frigate HMS Mercury, out in the Carribean hunting pirates. I'm having a whale of a time playing the gnarly old Marine lieutenant, Jim Dempsey, especially as we had our first boarding action last night. It's a great game, and has brought out the best in our group, which is still bedding in two new players.

    That'll keep us busy for the next month, at which point we revisit our existing Helfrost campaign, where we've just established a base in the wilderness and started training young idealistic knights to throw into the war with the giants. I feel a bit bad as they're all going to die, or become bitter like us.

    And then, hopefully, we're going to play Apocalypse World. Oh yeah.
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