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(In response to Judd's concern about a thread that glorifies designers...)

Can we all take a moment to get excited about someone we game with regularly who isn't a designer, or podcaster, or gaming luminary of some type?
Bonus points if they aren't "the group's gamemaster", and even more bonus points if we've never heard of them.

Noelle is one of the people I game with in Nelson.

She's happy to play whatever. Even though Apocalypse World probably wasn't "her thing", she killed it and found her own enthusiasm in it. While people around here often celebrate being selective about what we play, and exercising the power of preference, there's also something magical about finding your own joy in someone else's joy.

Noelle played this really awesome androgynous, germaphobic brainer (in AW). And while she created a largely-asexual character, she was careful not to create a character that was sexually inaccessible. So, cue the 16-year-old girl who runs the camp, and has a freak fetish. Cue the best creepy relationship I've ever seen in a game.

And finally, she's a really friendly and fun person. I feel joyful gaming with her, and unpressured, and social.


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    Maybe I should've called it "Fuck yeah, Gamers!" instead of "Fuck yeah, Gamemasters!" but I didn't plan ahead enough when I founded it. Anyway, Fuck Yeah, Gamemasters! welcomes submissions for people who make games great, not just GMs. Anyone who has mastered a game, a session, a character, a round of combat, whatever. We'd love to attract positive, celebratory posts from anyone, about great gamers overall. Feel free to submit something—when I have more than 3-4 posts in the queue at a time, I'll start posting them twice a week, instead of once.

  • There was a thread of that sort a while back - failed to find it.

  • Despite being a collective giant pain in the ass, my friends Rich, Bob and Pete are the best players you could ever ask for. Loyal, committed, and hard core.
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    You've never heard of him. He's my cool secret friend and I get him exclusively. If I told you about him you'd all try to game with him.
  • I ain't gonna list some of the people I play with, but not all of them, and I would not put up their full names anyways without permission.

    So: mad props to the people who actually make my games tick. You know who you are, and I love every single one of you.
  • Evan and Kat are two of the most engaged and thoughtful people I've had the pleasure to game with.

    Fuck yes Josh and Casey, too. I love playing with those guys so much. Josh is a fantastic GM, and when not GMing I've never seen anyone who can just spit out the perfect heroic speech or power-drunk tirade or villainous gloat the way that he does.
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    Harry (EnricPDX) isn't boisterous but man the things that come out of his mouth. He always says really awesome things. Also he's very observant, and seems to know just what the game needs at any particular moment.

    NPC is boisterous, and it's great. He brings an energy that really makes the game move. Plus he uses an accent, which for me really ups things.

    Kyle is pretty hilarious (oh man that XXXXtreme STREET luge game--you and crackbot's mom, hilarious, like I said) but can also play a fucking wacknut when he needs to, and always has good ideas.

    I've only played once with Jim C., but man, I'm stoked to be playing Burning Wheel with this guy.

    Joel Shempert is Joel Shempert. Which is to say, just play with him if you can. He's loud as all hell, brings amazing energy, and is always on his creative toes.

    I've only played once with Matthew (nemomeme) G., and he brought a quiet intensity to the game. Very good.

    I'm bummed that Brendan didn't make it into my Apocalypse World game, because while I've only played with him once, it was really fantastic and we need to play something together again.
  • There's a lot of swearing going on. I must be getting old or something.

  • My girl Alexis really makes my games come alive, but even better than that, she really cares about playing, using the mechanics and really figuring out how the games work. Also, if she doesn't want to play something, she simply doesn't and it makes things flow nicely.

    My friend Ryan is down to play pretty much anything. And he never doesn't bring the enthusiasm, even when he's tired, which he always is.
  • My online gaming buddy. I don't even know his real name and for all I know he may be somebody's cat posting while the master's at work, but he's awesome and he did up a relationship map for the game for free. I am sending him a virtual beer even as we speak.
  • My buddy Scott is open to new games and always willing to jump in feet first. He shares with the table and never hogs the spotlight, creates his own plot while also buying in on the plot of the group. I love playing with him because he's like a nice sauce, always makes the meal taste better without distracting for his own sake.
  • I just met this guy Steven. He answered one of my ENworld recruiting posts for my Caldera campaign for D&D 4E. Not only did he pore over the campaign material, but he understands it, gets where I'm coming from, and used it to write a kick-ass character background. He came to the first game prepared. During play, he was palpably excited about what he was doing and his engagement was contagious. He wasn't overbearing though. He knows when to back off and let the other guys talk. He helped a new-to-4e player to learn the basics of combat but stepped back and let him make his own decisions during actual play.
  • Posted By: ElizabethEvan and Kat are two of the most engaged and thoughtful people I've had the pleasure to game with.
    I second Evan and Kat. I've played with them on two continents. Kat made an otherwise unfun Vampire: The Requiem campaign quite enjoyable.

    Evan and Kat played the same character simultaneously and naturally in a game of Under My Skin.

    Evan runs amazing games. I could go on.... They rock
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    Evan and Kat played the same character simultaneously and naturally in a game ofUnder My Skin.
    I am intrigued and baffled. Can you explain?
  • Posted By: McdaldnoI am intrigued and baffled. Can you explain?
    They were playing a transgendered person at different stages of her transformation to a woman. Depending on the time (present or flashbacks) one of them spoke IC, but the other was still there, in the scene. It was really beautiful.
  • Most people I've gamed with deserve a little bit of a tribute to their own gaming styles, but there is one guy who really stands out for me.

    Jon-the guy is a hardcore powerhouse traditional gamer who also plays like he's played a few story games. (He hasn't, as far as I know). Some of his choices are based on what's best for the story, some of his choices are based on what's best for the tactics half of the game. Whether it's tactics or story (he's good with both) he really knows how to make the game shine, and usually leaves me stunned.
  • Ping is evil.
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    I knew Ping before she was evil it was obvious to the world that she is evil.

    She introduced me to GURPS and is probably responsible, more than anyone else, for me continuing to roleplay past my teenage years.
  • Posted By: cwilburShe introduced me to GURPS and is probably responsible, more than anyone else, for me continuing to roleplay past my teenage years.
    This is really fucking cool. Props to Ping. I'm glad she roped you in for the long term.
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