Actual Play of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

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I'm running five concurrent three-session series of Do on Skype and in-person. The stories that come out of each session will be posted as episodes on my blog. I used the "Swallowed Whole" by Ben Lehman for each first session because it's an easy letter to get into and is easy to "beat" the first time you play.

Sunday Afternoon Group - Episode 1
Pilgrims Reaching Book, Wooden Bell, Tattered Card, and Fancy Tablet make a sky whale sneeze.

Sunday Night Group - Episode 1
Hop on-board the party whale with Pilgrims Green Goggles, Rolling Glass and Yellow Balloon!

The Monday night, Tuesday Night and Saturday Night first episodes are forthcoming. I'll let each group decide which letter to resolve in their second episodes. Those will likely be a bit more troublesome.


  • Monday Night Group - Episode 1
    Melanie's cat scratches up Pilgrim Heavy Boot's face, among other things.
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    So, we used the example letter, from Melanie who's planet was swallowed my a whale.
    Here's the official report:
    • Eccentric Worm got into trouble because he drank a lot of milk in anticipation of cookies and got a tummy ache.
    • Clever Ox flew first to the whale and removed a painful planet from under his eye.
    • He talked so long and used so many words that the whale fell asleep and it became that much harder to get to Melanie
    • Laughing Willow made light of the sleeping whale and called out to the cat instead, which confused the cat and made the whale angry for all the trouble.
    • The whale told Friendly Hamster that his teeth tickled, and when he got close the whale did eat him suddenly.
    • Friendly Hamster lit a candle and was sneezed out by the whale!
    • Honest Arrow snuck in the whale and led Melanie and the cat out through the ear cannal.
    • But he honestly said that the trees would be left to die in the whale, and she became upset with him.
    • Eccentric Worm, instead of taking medicine, stuck his finger in his throat and made himself vomit to feel better.
    • Clever Ox spontaneously learned the whale language and told it a good joke.
    • Laughing Willow collected all the krill in a 20 mile radius to please the whale.
    • The whale was upset by her meager offering and said "I eat krill planets!"
    • Friendly Hamster chewed through the whale's fear of losing things near to him, and he let go of Melanie's house.
    • Melanie told him "This is not my house, mine is much bigger!" and Friendly Hamster went back into the whale to steal a bigger one.
    Eccentric Worm gave Melanie cookies for homecoming, and she thanked him very much.
    Clever Ox made friends with the whale, who thanked him by telling him many hilarious whale jokes.
    Laughing Willow and Melanie made friendship bracelets... out of kelp.
    Friendly Hamster's advice gave the whale a happy, and he made houses for everyone around, then gave Friendly Hamster a ginger bread house.
    Honest Arrow "endured" a parade of Tootsie Rolls.

    Clever Ox feels the calling of the whale and becomes a whale commedian.
    Laughing Willow Gift
    Friendly Chibi Hamster
    Honest Arrow Bridge
    Eccentric Hungry Worm
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    The Official Unofficial Scribing of OUR STORY <3
    by Laughing <s>Willow Gift

    We got a letter! Melanie's planet has been eaten by a whale! She has a cat and cookies. We should help! (I'll try not to think too hard on how the letter got *out* of the whale). Eccentric Worm got a MASSIVE tummy ache because he drank tons of milk before we even left. Clever Ox beat us All to the whale (he's soo fast) and pulled a teensy planet out of the whale's eye. Unfortunately, he talked so long and used so many big words on Melanie's behalf, that the poor whale's tiny brain became overwhelmed and it fell asleep. Now, we have to get inside a sleeping whale! >.< And then, I had this REALLY GREAT idea! We were gonna get the kitty to tackle the whale and wake up! But they all messed up and said the wrong stuff, so the kitty was confused and they blamed me! The whale did wake up, and told us his teeth tickled. Friendly Hamster believed him (!!!) and flew into the whale's mouth and was eaten! Luckily, Freindly Hamster had a candle. When he lit it to see by, the whale sneezed and he escaped! Also, the inside of the whale smells good for Melanie now, at least until we rescue her. Honest Arrow snuck inside the whale and led Melanie (+ cat) our of it's ear. But! Realizing, via Honest Arrow's big mouth, that her trees would perish, she didn't wanna go! And you will NOT BELIEVE, but Eccentric Worm got rid of his tummy ache by making himself throw up!!! Eeeeeeew! Then, apparently, Clever Ox learned whaled tongue (I guess because he never, ever stepped talking to it this whole time?), and made the whale laugh and laugh with a joke none of us could understand. The whale was mad at me, too, (even though it was an AWESOME idea), so I went around and collected all the krill in a 20 mile radius, using my Ultra Magical Rational Fearsome Bandana 5000! Unfortunately, I guess it wasn't enough... the whale got mad at me. Ooh! Ooh! But then, Friendly Hamster tapped into some super awesome Pilgrim Powers and chewed through the whale's fear of losing that which is closest to him. The whale gave him Melanie's house back in thanks! But I guess she convinced him that it's not her house, her house is MUCH bigger (which is weird, because this house had "Melanie" on the mailbox and pictures of her and the cat on the wall...)
    And so we did it!
    Eccentric Worm gave Melanie cookies as a nice homecoming! (Wait, weren't we supposed to get cookies?)
    Clever Ox and the whale became good friends, and the whale tought him many good jokes!
    Laughing Willow and Melanie became best friends and made friendship bracelets together. From kelp! It's organic.
    Friendly Hamster got a house from the whale made of gingerbread with cotton candy smoke.
    Honest Arrow is praised for leading Melanie, and he got a parade with Patriotic Pootsie Rolls.

    Friendly Hamster is now Chibi Hamster, because he got even cuter!
    Honest Arrow is now Honest Bridge, because he loves bringing people together.
    Eccentric Worm became Hungry Worm, because he LOVES delicious food and drink.
    Clever Ox left the temple, and became a comedian. We wish him luck.
    And I am now Laughing Gift, because I find joy in providing for people's worldy comfort.
  • Ha! This is awesome. Thank you for playing and writing up your AP! Sounds like you had fun. :)
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