[game idea] Dungeon/Donjon - French fantasy comix

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Has anyone else heard of Dungeon, the excellent French comic by Sfar and Trondheim?

I think it's some interesting fodder for an RPG - the setting is a satirical, somewhat bleak world of anthropomorphic animals who preach the grim and bloody nature of life. Several main characters go out of their way to demonstrate how Hobbesian life can be, although at times the authors include little jabs at this world-view, despite its overall prevalence.

Two main elements of the storyline are:
1) the titular Dungeon: a for-real D&D-style dungeon crawl where adventurers come seeking fortune, but are usually slaughtered by the inhabitants, their treasure stripped from their corpses and piled in the coffers to tempt yet more adventurers.
2) The Sword of Destiny: a fairly useless magic sword that's only useful when someone tries to steal it from you - when anyone but its current owner touches it, the owner transforms randomly into one of the Sword's previous owners, who are almost universally bad-ass and terrifying.
Also, you can't take off the Sword of Destiny (it comes with a scabbard and belt) until you die. And you will die while wearing it, specifically from decapitation. Fun!
Also also, you can't unsheathe the damned thing until it's decided you've performed three great deeds - it's the judge of what is Great or not, and it will use its powers of speech not only to browbeat you into doing Great things, but to try and get your head chopped off if it sees a chance to get picked up by a worthier warrior.

The series is full of fairly bleak, pensive reflections on the role of violence in life and society, with some nihilism and slapstick humor thrown in for good measure. And for some reason, the main character is a duck.

[edit: I should add that there is a currently-existing French-language RPG for this work. It's based on the Fudge system, I believe]


  • I read Dungeon, it's great fun. I started with the French version but I prefer the English format, you get more in each book.
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