[G/E] First session playing

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I got to a point in our Ghost/Echo game where the major questions had been answered and it was time to frame a new scene, and I just couldn't (as GM) hold it together.

I'd like to hear how others move forward with Ghost/Echo once the initial questions are resolved?

Some things that I did, that might have made it more difficult.
I GM'd it much like LadyBlackbird, with many leading questions-- even setting definitive questions, such as, "What does it look like when you listen for Echos?" and "The NPC that betrayed, you why would he say "you owe me!"

These worked great, but as the backstory started to fill in my notes quickly became very complicated.

I think I needed to fish for more Traits/beliefs/best interests from the PC's.
I felt at a certain point that I really needed character sheets to guide me.

Also, I can see why AW GM moves help, vs the Dangers in G/E. How close to the specific dangers do you hold to when playing G/E?

Everyone had fun, and thought the session was a good foundation to a long future game. Great way to get a setting together.
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