South Bay Story Games Day II: Sunday?

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So we did a minicon this summer in Santa Clara, and it was fun. I am currently working to determine when we'll hold the sequel, and wondering... would people be willing to come to the event on a Sunday rather than a Saturday, starting at 11AM?


  • Sundays are actually better for me, though I'm interested in attending regardless.
  • I didn't come to the previous con, but I'd be very interested in coming to future events. Sat vs. Sun makes no difference to me a priori, it's just a matter of which _particular_ Sat/Sun are under consideration. And, typically, it's all or nothing (e.g. it's a wedding weekend or it's not).
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    Still working on the date, but 7 Nov looks like a possibility. My birthday is the 8th, so it would be like giving myself a birthday present in minicon form. :)
  • Cool! I won't be there, because I'll be at NeonCon, but rock!

    - Ryan
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    Sundays are okay with me, but I have a slight preference for Saturdays. I'll come regardless!

    Thanks for stepping up (twice!) Colin, the last minicon was a lot of fun.

    Edit: It's looking like Saturdays are much better for me. I may not make it on Sun 7 Nov after all.
  • Sundays are fine for me, but I can't make Nov 7th since I'll be at AmberCon NorthWest.
  • First off, thanks for organizing again, Colin!

    I have a preference for Saturdays as well. I have to work on Sundays until 5pm. I suppose I could make it to a game that started at 5:15 or so, but I don't know how late Game Kastle wants to stay open.
  • FYI Game Kastle is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.
  • I missed the last one and would love to make this one!

    I have a preference for Sundays -- I have a standing conflict every Saturday until 1.
  • I could do Sundays, even November 7 since I won't be at NeonCon or AmberCon NW, alas.
  • My baby is due Nov 4, so I'm doubtful here:)

    But I'm so glad you guys are putting another one on!
  • I might be able to swing this one...

    Let us know when the date is solid.
  • Hi everyone! Real Life made its dread intrusion upon hobby time, but I am still looking to get something together in the next month or so. Please watch this space.
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