It's Always Sunny In Smallville

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New Values:

Narcissism: Of course everything you do in any situation is for yourself. But this Value motivates you to put yourself above your friends, your family, even above your own self-interest.
Competitiveness: Sometimes you just have to be better than everyone else, even in an area where you have no talent, training skill or ability whatsoever. Probably especially in those areas.
Sex: Everybody thinks about it all the time, you do something about it.
Prejudice: "I'm not racist, BUT..."
Guilt: The lie probably wasn't a big deal, but covering it up makes you go to the ends of the earth.
Avarice: It doesn't matter if anyone knows, so long as you get the goods.

New Pathways:

Rich increases Narcissism or Competitiveness
Ordinary increases Sex or Avarice
Gifted increases Sex or Prejudice
Strange increases Avarice or Guilt
Alien increases Prejudice or Narcissism

Risky increases Avarice or Competitiveness
Straight and Narrow increases Guilt or Prejudice
Lofty increases Narcissism or Prejudice
Underground increases Sex or Guilt
Ethical increases Narcissism or Avarice

Advancement increases (Competitiveness or Prejudice) x2, and any other x1
Tragedy increases (Narcissism or Guilt) x2, and any other x1
Power Manifestation increases Narcissism x1 and any others x2
First Contact increases (Sex or Prejudice) x2 and any other x1
Destiny increases Guilt x1 and any others x2

You can probably do the rest yourself.


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